The Papal Posse on Sinodica Amazonia

The Papal Posse from 10-10-2019 looks at the Scalfari controversy. Raymond asks why the Pope & the Vatican don't simply shut Scalfari down?

They discuss the Vatican Garden debacle, especially the Pachamama idol - Robert Royal says no one seems to know what it was, what was going on or what it meant. No one seems to want to take responsibility for it either! The fact that no one can explain this is as problematic as what actually went on! Fr Murray is very clear that the whole thing is horrendous.

They discuss the Pope's criticism of biretta wearing priests

Also the the fact the cassocks have been dispensed with at the synod.

Cardinal Hummes started the synod by stating baldly that the whole thing was about a push for married priests. Robert Royal points out the image of the Amazon being portrayed has been demonstrated already to not be accurate. Hummes is pointing to a solution to a problem which doesn't seem to even exist.

Fr Gerry says there's an attempt to re-introduce confusion about the male priesthood, a matter which has been settled in the Church.

Previously laicised priests are having rescripts removed by the pope. It's like smoke and mirrors!


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