A History of The Traditional Movement

This is a very long chat but very informative and interesting if you can find the time. As always, I love the way Michael Matt articulates the power & beauty of Catholicism, both in context of family life and the positive benefits for the wider society. Personally, I find this profoundly evangelistic; it is what calls me to, and affirms my practice of the faith, and I feel it is a narrative which many, many family men would find equally attractive and compelling, yet it is a perspective we hear so rarely. Frankly, I can't hear enough of it!

In addition, this discussion also covers a lot of information about the importance of the liturgy and the history of the traditionalist movement.

Many of us who were happy to accept Vatican II and the new Mass because it formed one cohesive whole with Church teaching are turning towards a more traditionalist perspective given what has gone on in Rome since the election of Pope Francis. There are lots of references that the work of the council has been left undone: what a terrifying thought given the havoc wreaked on the Church thus far and the consummate failure of the Church post Vatican II to address the cultural crisis and falling away of the faithful.

I am guilty I fear of clinging too closely to the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI & Pope St John Paul II in the comfortable knowledge that this was the Church. My love of the Church, its' structures and guarantees has taken a severe beating during this Pontificate. I can honestly say I hate what is being done to the Church and the beautiful and powerful message she holds for humanity.

It seems evidently clear that the men in charge presently do not believe in that message, the Gospel message, and seek to change it to accommodate secular. post-modern ideas which are not part of the deposit of faith, and indeed have been constantly warned against, and are in opposition to the very foundations of Catholic thought.

Most powerfully in this interview, the power of one man standing up to this comes across. Even though we feel helpless and ignored, we are making a difference just by standing up for the faith. We must stand with men like this: they may not get it right all the time, but the certainly do love Jesus and His Church, respect her and care for her. Christus vincit!


  1. Where is the Traditional Mass in your diocese? Doesn't Brentwood have one of the poorest provisions in E&W? I have also noticed that Brentwood Cathedral doesn't provide 'one', seems parishioner needs who are attached to the older liturgy are being ignored. Surely in the name of 'diversity' this must be addressed?

    1. There's an EF once a month in my Parish in Leigh-on-Sea, every second week in Chelmsford at the Norbertines, every Friday at St Teresa's, Rochford. I wish there was EF every week in our Parish but the antipathy shown by some parishioners is quite extraordinary!

    2. For a whole diocese that seems like pittance! At least your parish provides one I guess, you must have a good pp!


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