Steve Skojec - Amazon Aftermath

Another really long video, this time from Steve Skojec of 1 Peter Five, looking at the aftermath of the Amazonian Synod with in depth coverage of the bad things and the positive things to come out of this shocking synod.

Steve always brings his own humour to these presentations, as well as offering measured, prudent, and incisive commentary. Thank God for people like Steve who are joining the dots together on these things and can offer us a summary that analyses what's been going on and exposes some of the extraordinary nonsense, putting it in some sort of understandable context!

Right at the beginning, he addresses the Scalfari stuff, which really is amazing when you stop and think about it. Even a rumour (and this is much more than that) that the pope denies the bodily Resurrection of Christ is such a scandalous thing, why on earth would the pope - for the sake of the faithful - get on camera ASAP & deny it, even use it as an opportunity to teach the truth of the hypostatic union? It just doesn't make any sense! But, does any of this? We live in crazy times!

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