What good can come from this?

I'm not blogging much as we all struggle to face the encroaching COVID19 pandemic. I am extremely busy at work and worried about the situation for all the same reasons I'm sure you are. You're all in my prayers.

I don't believe this is a time of division, or pointing out frustrations or weakness, but a time of unity and solidarity.

Brian Holdsworth puts it well in this video.

Our decisions are based on trust. Social media only serves to exacerbate our political polarisation – people are so sure that their “side” is right and the other “side” are idiots. As this continues, we lose our shared humanity. COVID19 does not discriminate between right & left: we are all susceptible to the same suffering, we all share our humanity. Can we see people on all sides of the divide that we thought mattered so much as our brothers and sisters? Compassion means to suffer with someone else. Like it or not, we are all going to go through this together. Will we come out of this test united or divided?


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