Catholics ask UK bishops to stop supporting pro-abortion, pro-gay sex education

How incredibly tragic that increasingly we watch the apostasy of the Bishops and England and Wales. 

Throughout history, the Church has proposed a way of living given to us directly by Jesus Christ. He challenges us not to be slaves to our desires, to take a higher path and seek to be better humans who respect each other and creation. This path has always constituted a challenge to the dark forces of evil that control the secular polity but we have always had brave men and women who have been granted the wisdom, intelligence and insight to stand for that truth against the mainstream of the contemporary culture.

Today it seems the men appointed to teach it don't have the courage or the integrity to do so. They prefer compromise in order to curry favour with those dark forces.

If the Church has something powerful and life changing to impart, it should stand up and proclaim it proudly, fully aware that, as has always been the case, this proclamation of truth may cost us everything. Today the "important" people in the Church, by which I mean those full of self-importance, are increasingly at odds with Jesus and His message and thus at odds with the faithful Catholics they are supposed to lead and teach.

If our bishops simply go along with the secular culture, do they become irrelevant? Why do we need them?


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