Bishop Barron - Ideas Have Consequences: The Philosophers Who Shaped 2020

In this talk, which is so worth listening to, Bishop Barron traces the thought that had formed the society we are living in today through history. 

I've attended a lecture Barron gave first hand and he is a fantastic teacher, he teaches without notes, holding all this information in his head. He knows what he wants to say and doesn't miss a beat.

This talk is a presentation given to the Knights of Malta about this convulsive time in our history, demonstrated by the global pandemic, unstable politics, and outbursts of violence.   

Few people understand the ideologies that stand behind the rioting and deep unrest that we see on our city streets. But these ideas are so recognisable if you know a bit of philosophy. 

In this brief presentation, Bishop Barron steps back a bit from current events and explores four thinkers who have had a profound impact in shaping the world that we are confronting: Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Michel Foucault. Once you understand some of their most basic ideas, you can clearly recognise their influence everywhere today.


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