The reality of exorcism & how it encourages, not scares us!

I'm not sure I would describe this interview as "bone-chilling" exactly. In fact, I always find these conversations deeply comforting because they generally contain important information about our lives and the need to always stay close to Jesus.

I do find this sort of witness extremely interesting and powerful. The reality of the supernatural is such a contentious issue in a post-modern world formed largely by empiricist thought. He we encounter a man who has regular encounters with physical, visual proof of a spiritual reality few of us encounter in our day to day lives, yet he speaks calmly and in a matter-of-fact tone.

Surely this is powerful stuff for conversion? Fr Lampert states that Jesus did not die so He could save us from a hard day, He died to save us from evil. His explanation of the way we have to invite possession and how we can remedy it by drawing close to Christ is dynamite!

I pray daily as any Catholic should, but watching this interview, with it's beautiful description of the power of prayer and its emphasis on building a relationship with Jesus because it is that relationship and our devotional life that helps us to grow as children of God, has encouraged me to be more diligent and pray even more. I also found Fr Lampert's explanation of the way the exorcism process is about shining a light on Jesus and allowing Jesus in as something beautiful. For this reason if for no other I am really grateful that Cameron did this interview and a prayer for Fr Lampert as well!


  1. Laudetur Jesus Christus. Was just praying for more exorcists today. They should suspect the demonic right away before "psychological" problems. Why take a back seat to the worldly? Did the Apostles do that? Psychology can do great harm, psychiatry and its drugs have proven to do great harm. (eg, Columbine shooters on antidepressants; read SSRI Stories.)


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