US Elections: A Once in a Life Time Opportunity

The atmosphere surrounding the USA elections is toxic, to say the least. This is probably largely driven by the truculent, brash personality of the present President who specialises in pushing buttons and saying what you don't want him to say.

At the point of the last election, I felt that neither candidate should be able to stand for such an important office. Neither candidate seemed to me to have the credentials for such high office.

Alas it seems the most important factor in the race for the Whitehouse is having the money to throw at the campaign and if you have the cash, nothing else matters. It seems throughout society and across the world the crisis we face is one of leadership.

Whatever you think of Trump & Biden, this election does present Catholics with a clear choice. America has the chance to overturn Roe vs Wade here, make no bones about it. Whatever else is going on, Trump has the brass to facilitate this change. What cannot be argued is that he is the most pro-life President in history, even speaking at the March for Life in January. If America takes a moral stand against abortion, it will be an incredible witness to the rest of the world.

This is possible because, right now, Senate Republicans have begun hearings to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as a supreme court justice. If confirmed as expected, Barrett would become the third justice on the court to be appointed by Donald Trump. The significance is hard to overstate. Barrett represents the culmination of a decades-long project by conservatives to control the high court. Her confirmation would extend the conservative reach into every corner of American life and would give conservatives a bulletproof, six-justice majority on the nine-member court, which decides cases by a simple majority.

The real scandal for me is that given such a stark and clear choice, the corrupt US Bishops are supporting Biden. Well, of course they are!

Much of the argument against Trump I have heard is that he is merely pretending to care about pro-life issues in order to get the pro-life vote. Frankly, who cares? That's a matter for his own conscience. Ultimately we know from long history that God can write straight with crooked implements. If Trump wins such an important battle as the battle over child sacrifice why are we looking a gift horse in the mouth?

The pre-eminence of this issue is clear throughout Catholic teaching. Americans are presented with the clearest choice they have faced in decades - why would you not grasp this opportunity with both hands?

Whatever the arguments against Trump, the arguments against Biden are far more compelling for me. Those points are rationally summed up in this clear homily:


  1. One of the worst features of this US election is the way Catholics are being pitted against Catholics. Whatever one-sided criticism you can throw at one or another candidate can be balanced out by counter-arguments of equal moral force. Faith is not about a culture war and it is disappointing to see it reduced to such.

  2. Donald Trump is saving the West. He is saving Christendom.
    Yes. He is. History will show it. He has exactly the qualities needed to stand up to the Deep State Communists aligned against him, against America, against us, against even God. We must put him in the White House, and we must deny Joe Biden the opportunity to change America into what she has never been. They are waiting, friends, do not give them that chance.
    I have 3 grandsons. I want them to know the same America we have known. Don't you want your children and grandchildren to have the same? If you do, vote for Donald Trump. He will protect America, Joe Biden will destroy her.
    No Christian, no Catholic, can vote for Democrats. Before you do that, you owe it to your own integrity, to go and see the reality of what you are supporting. You cannot hide from the reality, you must know what you endorse. Seek out and see photos and images of abortions. In order to be honest, you must. See what is left of the once moving and animated child, now bloody and limp. Imagine that child seconds from birth, in a prior time he would be received with great joy, now as he exits the birth canal a pair of surgical scissors await him, to be plunged into his skull, no anesthesia, and he jerks and then goes limp and blue.
    Friends, do not vote for this great evil. We must answer to God for our vote. Save America, nobody knows who you vote for when you go in, tell your family and friends you voted however you want, but vote for Donald J Trump. If you are a Christian, if you are a Catholic, there is no other choice.
    Thank you, Fr. Weeks, for your strong and courageous witness. If all our priests and bishops had your zeal for God and truth, we would not be in a state of devolution, as we clearly are.
    America may be saved yet. Will you help? Please God, you will.


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