Eternal Life

BY WAY OF CONTRAST with yesterday's post about a priest in my diocese leading his parishioners AWAY from the Catholic Church, spreading error & confusion, I am very pleased today to share an extremely edifying, interesting & enjoyable conversation brought to us by two EXCELLENT & holy men who are living Catholic truth and happily working in the Lord's vineyard here in Brentwood Diocese:

I have to say I find these conversations so enjoyable to watch and to think about. It's proper! It is encouraging and heart warming.

This is part of a series of wonderful conversations you can find on the Norbertine's Facebook page on holy subjects.

Watch this discussion & compare it with Fr Fox's comments yesterday: IT IS ANOTHER RELIGION!!


  1. You are so right.I have not heard a discussion/sermon like that since the Sixties!Vat 11- so called religion-is another religion!What a brilliant talk and thank you for bringing it to my attention.I will watch for more from The Norbertines.God Bless.


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