Cardinal Burke Absolutely Nails It!

Cardinal Raymond Burke is a most excellent shepherd of the Church. He is not the most engaging speaker, not the most charismatic individual you will ever meet, but he is, nevertheless, very inspiring, because he is intelligent, wise and courageous in his preaching of the Gospel. This is an excellent recent homily from him which must be listened to carefully. He berates those who spread confusion about what the Church teaches, responding to the laity not as shepherds, but as secular managers.

Incredible that Cardinal Burke makes these points now, I have been thinking along similar lines for a while now. I feel hurt by those who constantly work to obscure the crystal clear truth of the Gospel by constantly adding "nuance". Jesus says:
"Let your word be ‘Yes, Yes’ or ‘No, No’; anything more than this comes from the evil one."

(Mt 5:37) 

When studying the faith, I was blown away by how coherent, clear & reasonable it is. Those who work to occlude that clarity to meet some spurious end are doing the mission of the Church a great disservice, yet so many seem totally engaged with this agenda. Why? It seems to start with a lack of humility & a lack of faith. They don't believe the faith but a relativized version of it.

Pray for Cardinal Burke.


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