Church Leaders Begin to Speak Out - Dr. Ralph Martin

In this video Dr. Ralph Martin of Renewal Ministries points out that high ranking leaders in the Church are beginning to speak about the antichrist and are acknowledging the fears beginning to grow among God’s people, as they see what is happening in society and in the Church. Ralph looks at what these leaders are saying, what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches about the antichrist, and how we can live confident in the power of God’s love and free of fear in challenging times such as these. Renewal Ministries is dedicated to fostering renewal and evangelization in the Catholic Church by helping people know the personal love of God in Jesus and grow in holiness. Stay connected with us to receive more compelling content that strives to help you walk more closely with the Lord! Also, as censorship of social media becomes more prevalent, we invite you to join our email list in order to ensure that you continue receiving the latest and most important messages from Renewal Ministries go to:


  1. Either I'm going deaf or your audio is going in and out.
    Thank you for your faithful witness.
    I can't discuss the church today, because I make it my policy not to discuss train wrecks. I'm sorry, it's Friday, and I'm tired.
    But the church is an unholy mess right now.

  2. The church is not an unholy mess. There are people in the church that are an unholy mess. We must be the true children of the church, the church that Jesus Christ left for us. In being the true children of our Lord, we love and cherish this gift, the church from our Father and we do our part in being the living stones, beautiful and bright living stones....If we have to suffer persecution at this time, let's follow after Jesus and Mary and pray for those who hurt us and persecute us. They taught us how to do this. Let's be like them, we are like them. We are their children. Ask for the grace of a devotion to his Holy Face so valuable for these times. You will be filled with His graces. Pray the rosary everyday as Mary our Mother taught us: pray for the conversion of sinners, world peace and the salvation of souls. St. Joseph too is right here for us as all the Saints and Angels are! Do not be discouraged! We get to be the one's here at this time in history to help Jesus carry out His Divine Plan. I'm in...are you?


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