Enemy infiltration

 Watch this — at least the first section where the tenets are discussed.

If you feel worried about the world or the way society is increasingly influenced by ideas we would have called crazy just a short while ago. Perhaps this helps us understand why?

I watched this discussion and it struck me just how real this is.

I am fighting this daily in my local Catholic School, in my diocese, with my friends, while the diocese seems to be obsessed with climate disaster and migrants. When you think about it, it really does seem like the perfect cover doesn't it? I mean, you have to wonder when the last time the bishops had a discussion about the reality of evil...Because you don't have to look far to see the very real effect of it in our world today. And, as this video shows, it is coming out of the darkness and showing itself in broad daylight now. Perhaps because our society is sufficiently corrupted: determined that our truth is defined by our sexual appetites, distracted from the real fight by climate emergency, coronavirus and social justice. Blinded by rationality and science to the darkness lurking.

Pope Francis is initiating a synod on synodality (whatever that is).

Meanwhile, the enemy moves forward on every front and the Church acts like he doesn't exist.


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