The Road to Traditiones Custodes

My friend Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (San Francisco) has instituted a monthly Traditional Latin Mass at San Francisco’s Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, and has been leading the faithful in a Litany of Reparations for abuses against the Eucharist CNA reports.

The first of the Masses, on Aug. 4, falls on the feast of St. Dominic, and so will be said in the Dominican rite.

Archbishop Cordileone’s establishment of the monthly Masses was in response to “requests from the faithful and the overwhelming response to the first Latin Mass in July.” Apparently over 900 people have already signed up. Thank God for Archbishop Cordileone and his faithful ministry!

Archbishop Cordileone joins a growing list of bishops who are ignoring the Pope's clamp down on the Latin Mass and even instigating new Latin Masses!

Notorious papal tailgater & apologist for inconsistency and all things Francis Austen Ivereigh claims he has been told that the US bishops are the drivers of the Motu proprio and he has inside information to prove it:

While I have few doubts that McCarrick's protégés Gregory, Bad Tobin, Cupich & Farrell A). Hate the Latin Mass and B). Have Pope Francis' ear, this theory contradicts much that I have heard from Rome in the lead up to the promulgation of this document. 

But even without any external evidence, the idea that faithful Catholics concerned about the sell out to globalisation, China, the growing homosexual cabal who seem to be running things, financial corruption, promotion of abusers, worship of idols, contradictory teaching, etc, etc, etc, only have themselves to blame for having the pretty Mass taken away from them because their "social media leaders" were mean about Pope Francis seems very weak. Hardly the "synodal Church" the Pope consistently promotes, is it?

If Austen's theory is true, it seems like a very strange way for bishops to approach the problem, as Matthew Roth pointed out on Twitter:

If Austen's strange citation is correct, it also suggests US bishops have no ability to lead or control their flocks. So much so that they have no alternative but to appeal to Rome to impose sanctions? It just strikes me as bizarre, especially when we are talking about a Rome which did nothing when at least one hundred German clergy openly contradicted Catholic teaching. But double standards are precisely the hall mark of the Francis Pontificate.

Notwithstanding Austen's hypothesis doesn't stand up to much scrutiny, a far more reliable source: over at Rorate Caeli, Fr. Claude Barthe suggests the Italian bishops, and a couple of Italian cardinals in the Curia, were at the origin and the moving force behind Traditiones custodes. What he states here has been corroborated by several sources and thus makes Austen look silly (again). Fr. Barthe writes:

In this case, the major lobby group in the Italian bishops' conference was set against Summorum Pontificum, mainly because in Italy, rather later than in France, young priests were beginning to celebrate the traditional Mass and to adopt more traditional ideas. They noticed a "traditionalization" of the seminaries, which worried them greatly. In the Curia as well, people like Cardinal Parolin, Cardinal Stella in the Congregation for Clergy, etc., were also very concerned.
This is exactly what I was being told directly from a journalist in Rome before the release of the Motu proprio. But, returning to the Austen hypothesis, given the recent revelations about about Msgr Burrill, the highest ranking priest in the USA, and the subsequent quiet slithering away of Fr. Adam Park from the NAC (coincidence??). Park was ordained by McCarrick & rose to prominence under Donald Weurl (coincidence??) does anyone think that US bishops are going to be the best people to make a judgement on this? I mean, if this is what they are about, there's no wonder they hate the Latin Mass and those faithful individuals who are concerned about Pope Francis and the direction of the Church! In fact, it makes perfect sense!!!

It's all the more incredible that Archbishop Cordileone and a few brave men in the USA have the courage to stand up for the faith!

In the latest Vortex, Michael Voris asks all the right questions: 


  1. Sorry, not buying it. This is nonsense. What leader leads by demand from the lower management, none. Certainly not an egotistical personality type like Bergoglio. He and his cabal, like Satan, like the demons, hate Latin, hate the Mass of the Ages, hate the people who attend it to worship God as God intended. It had to go, that was the hope and plan all along, most likely why he was inserted into the Chair of Peter in the first place. When his colon deteriorated, as he soon will, time became short. He laid in his hospital bed, not thinking about his own impending mortality, but planning to issue his evil edict as soon as his big feet hit the floor.
    This is just protective blather. Not that the usual suspects didn't complain, mind, surely they did! But that has nothing to do with the motu, we have seen Bergoglio do this magic trick before. He sends out a questionnaire, but the answer to the problem has already been identified. He sends things out to support the resolution he has already determined. Are we this stupid? No, we are not.
    They can spare us their rationales and reasons. If they have enough people paying the bills they don't need us (thanks to China's 2B a year, do they need money? Not to mention their lucrative resettlement of immigrants programs paid for by the federal government).
    These globalists have made themselves the enemies of Christ, of the church, of faithful Catholics. God will send the remedy in His good time.
    They have NO further power to hurt us. We are beyond them now, ready to gi without even the Mass, until He comes.


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