Youth Synod is Actually Very Clarifying

I thought this was quite cheery positive and accurate from Michael Matt:

The case is that this is bad, and now it is on full display for everyone to see. The Pope attacking rigidity is not attacking "Trads", he's attacking "anyone who still believes the infallible doctrines and dogmas of mother church trump the shackles of a militant political correctness and a tyrannical new world order" these are "the enemies of Francis". That's EWTN, Catholic Answers, Ascension Press, Scott Hahn, etc, etc. Not the SSPX!

What's good is that Francis is revealing this so clearly that more and more Catholics are waking up to the damage of novelty. Priests and Bishops included. Matt sees the evidence of this as increasing numbers of clergy are listening and engaging with the holy cause of restoration and the truths always taught by the Church.

I am a Father who has committed my life to the Church, given of my time to learn about the Tradition and embraced the philosophical arguments. I see the truth in the Traditional teaching of the Church on what it means to be human, and I have built a relationship with Christ that is unshakeable. But I feel like the Church has totally abandoned me. I have long been aware of the shortcomings of my local diocese etc, but I saw the clear evidence that any priest who taught the Gospel with authenticity gathered authentic disciples around them thirsting for the truth and the priests who teach error collect sycophants and relativists and people who seek to manipulate the small amount of power or authority office in the Church gives to laud it over others. It's clear which is authentic and which is manufactured and evil and I have tried my best to always support the good and abandon the evil.

But now the evil is in open ascendancy. The Pope is daily saying things that are deeply disturbing to any Catholic ear (he is the devil, Mary was a "normal girl", he personally re-instates abuser priests, the list goes on and on) and as the former head of the CDF clearly intimated in a recent interview, he is using synods to try and change the teaching of the Church. 

It feels as if Pope Francis has surrounded himself with perverts and homosexuals, men of dubious intellect and moral character, and, using their constant affirmation, he is seeking to move the Church to a place where the Cross will no longer have any potency. There is no theology behind this, no argument that makes sense to me or any individual willing to debate it with any reasoned dialogue. There are sycophants who defend it with sophistry and there are people who care about the Church and think that means they have to do what the Pope says no matter how lost and confused it makes them feel, but doctrine, pedagogy, intellect can only be critical of this papacy and all it has wrought so far.

Despite all this disturbance - and it really is disturbing me greatly - I can almost literally hear Jesus calling out to me this morning to prayer - to be with Him and not to worry about all these things. As a member of my community, as a catechist, as a father, I have a responsibility to be concerned about these things, sure, but all these things will pass and all things ultimately rest in Him. And I know that.

So thank God for Michael Matt and that this great apostasy we are witnessing is drawing men and women who truly love Christ and His Church to wake up to the falsehood that surrounds us.


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