Cardinal Nichols back from Rome with snake oil to sell...

Cardinal Nichols as he appears on Bruvver Eccles luvvley blog

Cardinal Nichols has posted a video giving his thoughts on the Sex Abuse Summit at the Vatican, from which he has just returned. Really you don't need to watch it as you can very likely guess 85% of the contents, but here it is if you are interested in watching:

Predictable, uninspiring, unconvincing—yes, all of those things. But honestly I think this performance is deplorable and here is why. It is the same thing we have heard ad nauseam with absolutely nothing new. And it is perhaps most interesting for what is not mentioned: God, sin, virtue, grace, homosexuality, the Commandments, none of these play a part in any of the Cardinal's "reflections". He sounds like a third rate bureaucrat (and nothing at all like a Cardinal).

So what does he have to say? Well, everything is amazing in Rome apparently. He constantly repeats, almost mantra-like "child abuse, child abuse, child abuse", carefully laying a trail of breadcrumbs away from the real issue; the real facts of this crisis—that the vast majority of victims of abuse (over 80%) are adolescent boys, many of whom are post-pubescent—as demonstrated in this recent report and previously. The John Jay Report which reveals a clear statistical link between SSA and child abuse in Catholic priests.

Cardinal Nichols also speaks of "The voice of those on the margins because of childhood abuse". We know this line now. Those on the margins always means homosexuals and this has been Cardinal Nichol's agenda for most of his life.

What really infuriates me is that Cardinal Nichols demonstrates with this video that he is NOT interested in the truth, he just wants to sell us the latest lies from Rome. He totally ignores the enormous controversy that surrounds the summit and tries to sell Catholics who may not be paying attention that Rome really has got a handle on this problem now...Really? After so many failed attempts what is it about this time that he thinks will make us believe things are really different?

If he's come back "assured & convinced that a new step has been taken" he doesn't do a very good job of explaining what that step actually is. In fact his words here make it sound as if the most important insight the bishops gained from the summit was that the victims of abuse actually have a perspective. Really?????????

And how does it look that this happened at the same time the news broke that the Pope himself had protected a bishop accused of sexual abuse?

None of this should come as any sort of surprise to any of us, the agenda by now is completely clear and documented.


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