Fr. Rosica resigns from Smoke & Litigation

You may recall the scandal surrounding the strange priest Fr Thomas Rosica from February. Rosica has become notorious for threatening a blogger who dared to question his pro-homosexual agenda. Rosica has been on sabbatical since March for “several months of rest and renewal.”

He has now announced he has resigned as CEO of Salt & Light Smoke & Litigation Catholic Media Foundation almost four months after his massive plagiarism became public knowledge.

When the scandal first broke, Rosica seemed both to apologise for copying the work of others and to blame interns and others for sending him the quotes without proper attribution. However, as the weeks wore on, it became clear that several of Rosica’s works, including newspaper columns, speeches, and books, were “patch written,” combining passages from several writers, sometimes with words omitted or moved around, which made detection more difficult. Some plagiarism dates back over 30 years, long before the founding of Salt and Light TV.

It would appear from the time it has taken him to step down that he has tried to surmount the allegations but has ultimately been unable to get past this scandal which he alluded to in his statement saying
“I ask forgiveness for errors in not properly acknowledging individuals and attributing sources in my writings,”
Professor John Rist, whose description of Fr. Rosica’s address at Cambridge University this February led to the priest’s downfall, suggested to LifeSiteNews that justice had been served stating:
“It is good to know that occasionally plagiarists and [slanderers] are called to account even in the Church,”
I'm sad to say Rosica is another dodgy character embraced by Pope Francis and the Vatican. You won't read much about this in the National Catholic Reporter, La Croix or America Magazine I'm thinking!


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