Rosica - More Revelations

Fr Thomas Rosica, the man who has had faithful Catholics scratching their heads since at least 2014 as to how he has managed to be so prominent in the Church under Pope Francis seems to have really come unstuck this time!

It's not a massive shock though, is it? I mean there has been gaff after gaff with this man, from threatening to sue Vox Cantoris to making the Synod on the Family all about homosexuality, to interviewing notorious heretics, "anyone with eyes to see" could recognise there is a lot not right with Rosica.

The blogs have been drawing attention to this for years, and it is far from surprising to find out definitively that those of us who are hurt enough by men like Rosica's twisting misrepresentation of the Catholic faith to speak out about it have been right all along. No wonder he hates us so much! The question is, how did he rise to such a prominent position when he has so many obvious issues? Who thought this was a good idea? It leaves huge questions about the judgement at the Vatican and for me personally is a further confirmation that priests who clearly spout problematic teaching are doing great harm to the Church and need to be removed from prominent positions.


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