Idol Worship - A Red Line!

Has Pope Francis crossed a line with his idol worshipping at the Amazonian Synod? As I pointed out here, I don't recall ever seeing so many clergy condemning something - let alone something the pope has done, it really is extraordinary!

In this video Fr. Mitch Pacwa a Jesuit himself, gives a rather sobering explanation of the true nature of the Pachamama idols, and the fate of those who venerate it above Our Blessed Lord.


  1. Just love of the few Jesuits we have left that is actually a Catholic.

  2. We have always appreciated Fr. Mitch, but wonder where he came from. How did he manage to stay faithful despite being a Jesuit? It must be his Polish DNA would not allow him to go off track into apostasy. His ancestors would probably come back from the dead if he did. What he did was courageous, he cared for the flock, the Catholics who don't yet realize their pope has gone into apostasy.
    The Pachamama ceremony, the bishops processing that cardboard cutout into a Catholic church, the photo of bestiality, the blatant idol worshiping, the Amazonians putting young women on litters at the altar and carrying them around worshiping them like golden calves, it was so obvious that it woke up the sleepy Catholic world, which looked around and said huh, this has all just gone too far for me. Now it's time to identify Bergolio as an apostate and warn the flock.


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