Let Jesus Lead

Following on from yesterday, I thought I would try something new and record a video message. Me being me I totally busked it, but hopefully I get some important points across.

Naturally I forgot to say lots of things I really wanted to include. Perhaps one thing I would add would be that these comments are very much in the context of a Catholic Church which is silent about the beauty and importance of human sexuality as taught by Jesus in Scripture and consistently held and taught by the Church. But also in the context of a Church which seems to applaud clergy who constantly push the boundaries of Catholic teaching in terms of the acceptance of behaviour long condemned by Christians everywhere. Today it appears to be de rigeur for priests to promote homosexuality, to be lax (read: merciful) towards adultery or fornication. We are in the world but not of the world and we must be careful that we do not lose our salt and our light by constantly echoing the message of the world. 
The Rosary witness outside Westminster I posted yesterday sends a vital message to the bishops: you are already irrelevant to growing numbers of people. Your ability to evangelise is greatly diminished because of your refusal to teach the Gospel message. You are in grave danger of becoming irrelevant and even an enemy of those few who are still faithful!


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