Things just get darker for Catholic Ireland...

Jason and Crystalina Evert, picture: Facebook

Ireland, my ancestral homeland, has turned away from the light over the last decade or so and there's virtually no one to stand against the flow of darkness.

As I have opined over a number of years now, the faith of the once proud land of saints and scholars, the tiny island that evangelised half the world, has been eroded until it is little more than superstition.

This epidemic of agnosticism and apathy has been brought about by a lack of teaching, episcopal hypocrisy and an appalling record of abuse. The bishops in Ireland continue to be utterly useless, lording it up in massive domiciles surrounded by luxury and privilege while doing absolutely nothing to combat the tide of secularism drowning the country.

For example the bishop who argued that St John Henry Newman wouldn't have converted if he lived today, or the bishop who's Facebook page trots out karmic Disney memes in place of anything even vaguely Catholic (it actually seems like they are embarrassed about the faith, don't you think?). The strangulation of any Catholic input in Ireland continued this week as the excellent Catholic Evangelist and chastity catechist Jason Evert had a number of talks in Ireland cancelled. The cancellation was reported in this recent story in the Tablet (tabula delenda est).

University College Dublin cancelled an address by Jason Evert which was due to take place this week while his talks last Wednesday at two Dublin schools, Blackrock College and Rosemont College, as well as an address at the Tower Hotel in Waterford city on Thursday were all cancelled. The Irish Times has reported Jan. 12 that several of Evert’s talks due to be given in Ireland have canceled “after concerns were raised about his views on homosexuality and contraception”.

In a characteristically tolerant manner, the LGBT Society at University College Dublin (UCD) where the the ‘Ignite 2020’ conference is taking place issued a statement on Twitter that said that Evert’s talk was “putting the safety of UCD’s LGBTQ+ community at risk” and that his speaking at the event could cause “lasting and damaging effects on the mental wellbeing of LGBTQ+ students.”
Evert is a gifted evangelist faithful to Church teaching. In his book Pure Manhood, he argues that “the homosexual act” is disordered and goes against God’s natural purpose for sex, which is for “babies and bonding”. He also strongly promotes Catholic teaching that the use of contraceptives by couples is also disordered and in opposition to God’s natural purpose for sex. Hardly controversial you would hope.
Asked about the opposition to Jason Evert, a spokesman for the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore told The Tablet: “Bishop Cullinan does not wish to comment on this matter.” He doesn't want to comment. The bishop. He doesn't want to comment about Catholic teaching. Are you joking??? This is an absolute abandonment of the faithful to the secular wolves!!! Bishop Cullinan should be MADE to comment - what is he thinking???

Bishop Cullinan is respected by many in his diocese and seems to be enacting initiatives to encourage growth and recently courted controversy by warning about Yoga in schools, so it is disappointing that, according to the Tablet at least, he didn't want to comment on it. It's exactly at times like this the bishop has an opportunity to speak clearly and preach the Gospel!

The fact the talks has been cancelled is verified by the fact Evert himself has tweeted the story:
Ironically Evert told Lifesite that that web traffic at his website went up 150% in one day “We’re very grateful for all the additional youtube hits and people clicking through our videos,” he added, indicating that the Irish media’s attempt to keep him from speaking may have been futile. “They’ve inadvertently sent an exorbitant amount of people to a chastity website in their effort to silence us,” he said.

The Tablet also approached Fr Fergus O’Connor, parish priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Dublin, who responded: “We feel that, since we are not the organisers of this event, it’s best not to respond to these questions.” The usual rubbish, isn't it? We wonder why children leave the Church - it's because we don't have any answers to their questions! In a massively over-sexualised post-modern secular world, surely this is the very battle ground that we should be engaging on? When things like this happen, what are we to conclude except that THE BISHOPS DON'T BELIEVE CHURCH TEACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't believe the Gospel can overcome the secular narrative. They've swallowed the modern, progressive line, hook, line and sinker despite the chaos and carnage that surrounds them and the jig is literally up! They are simply managers of decline.

Most interestingly, this phenomenon is not restricted to Ireland. I'm sure where ever you are reading this, you recognise the pattern. An absentee leadership, a lack-lustre culture of liturgy and worship, a lack of desire to teach and engage with a hostile culture. Cowardice and apathy surround us and the men consecrated to lead us are simply not up to the task!

The event was due to take place in the parish as a collaboration with a students’ group known as the Joyful Living Team, who issued the invitation to the Catholic speaker to come to Ireland for the first time. Ireland is a Catholic wasteland dear reader and it has been abandoned by the privileged men who are supposed to lead there. The secular juggernaut rumbles on, and our children have no counter-narrative to inform them.

The faith is being replaced by other ideologies. The infiltration of pseudo-moralistic ideas which oppose both faith and reason is further demonstrated by this story I feel:

Dr Peter Kwasniewski writes how, on a recent visit to Ireland he was struck by a large billboard which stated: “DAIRY TAKES BABIES FROM THEIR MOTHERS.”

Kwasniewski describes how the poster shows how the mother cow, with bovine pride, licks her cute calf, from which she is soon to be parted so evil humans can drink the surplus milk.

Apparently this billboard started going up around Ireland just a few months after the abortion referendum legalised abortion by a landslide majority.

It seems the logic is that abortion — the ultimate example of taking babies away from their mothers — should be legal, while presumably dairy farms should be illegal. Kwasniewski asks, and I echo, could there be a better example of the twisted logic that obtains when faith and reason alike are abandoned in favour of the postmodern delirium of “me, myself, and I.” As G.K. Chesterton once almost quipped (but didn’t quite): 
“When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing, he believes in anything.”
The billboard informs us that we can obtain a “free vegan guide” from A glance at that website brought up a title-page video that proclaims: “We all have the right not to be used or killed regardless of species.” Alas, this “right” seems to obtain only with subhuman species.

I am reminded of something Chesterton writes in his masterpiece Orthodoxy:
Darwinism can be used to back up two mad moralities, but it cannot be used to back up a single sane one. The kinship and competition of all living creatures can be used as a reason for being insanely cruel or insanely sentimental; but not for a healthy love of animals. On the evolutionary basis you may be inhumane, or you may be absurdly humane; but you cannot be human.
Chesterton’s “two mad moralities” are writ large in modern Western societies: insane sentimentality toward brute animals and insane cruelty toward the most vulnerable and innocent members of the human race. Humane to the point of inventing rights where they do not exist; inhumane to the point of undermining the most fundamental right that does exist, and without which all other rights are meaningless. If we cannot even treat one another humanely, what does that suggest about our conception of the universe we inhabit?

We see fulfilled before our eyes this wise statement from the Second Vatican Council: “Without the Creator, the creature would disappear. … When God is forgotten, the creature itself grows unintelligible” (Gaudium et Spes, n. 36). Take away God, in whose image and likeness man is created, uniquely among material beings, and you take away awareness of his very distinctiveness and dignity. Instead of seeing vices as the true cause of human misery and the rape of nature, with virtues (above all, the virtue of religion) as the only cure for these diseases of fallen humanity, you begin to see human beings themselves not as blessings to be welcomed, but as evils to be thwarted. This is what it means for the creature to “disappear” and “grow unintelligible.” Male and female are confused…the ranks and relations of animal species are confused…all is confused, in a false exaltation of “mother nature” and a false denigration of the noblest being on the face of the Earth.

A friend sardonically put it to me this way: 
“1500 B.C.: worship animals, sacrifice babies; 2020 A.D.: worship animals, sacrifice babies.” 
The Bible says nihil novi sub sole: there’s nothing new under the sun. That includes the moral and metaphysical darkness from which Christianity rescued mankind, and to which mankind is doomed to return when Christ, true man and true God, is rejected.

Come to think of it, the Bible’s statement has one exception: Christ Himself, the truly new thing under the sun, the New Adam, the New Song, Bridegroom of the New Jerusalem. He alone can say: “Behold, I make all things new” (Rev 21:5). May He, in His mercy, by the prayers of Our Lady of Knock, restore Ireland to renewed faith in the only one who can save us from the oldness of sin.

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  1. An excellent post. My maternal grandfather was an Irishman, so Ireland's fall is doubly painful. The Holy Ghost Fathers attempted some rear guard action, but, with increased opposition from the hierarchy these heroic priests (e.g. Dr. Denis Fahey et al) were eventually sidelined, mocked, derived and buried. The apostate "Catholics" (as with their kissing cousins in Quebec) managed to achieve what the most rabid protestant could not even dream of. These apostates demolished Catholic Ireland in one generation, whereas, 400 years of incessant protestant and masonic attacks failed.

    Nonetheless, there are faithful Catholics in Ireland, and God will not abandon them. he has however, abandoned Ireland as a Nation, as She has abandoned Him. The penalty for this apostasy will make Oliver Cromwell's evils look like the behaviour of a saintly choirboy.

  2. I'm ashamed of my Irish DNA, when I was always proud of it. From the states it appears the Irish have allowed the faith to be taken from them, and useless Bishops will live off the teat of the church while doing absolutely nothing about the millions of souls lost to damnation because they refused to do their job.
    Some of them probably suspect what will happen, they will be even more hated as time goes on. What is more useless than a priest who won't defend Christ or Truth? But Ireland will follow Europe into oblivion anyway, most EU nations have brought in the means of their own destruction already.

  3. Jason Evert is exactly the sort of person that diocesan youth ministry teams and diocese's in general in the British Isles should be using. Hopefully more people will now have heard of him and use him! Check out his website .


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