Bishop Doyle of Northampton Supports Radical Change Agenda

As Catholics reel over the scandal of active homosexual predators at the highest levels of the clergy, brought to light by the exposure of ex-Cardinal Theodore "Uncle Teddy" McCarrick, a conference for “LGBT Catholics” which advertises itself with what appears to be a young boy’s hand and a man’s hand walking over a rainbow bridge to meet each other is causing a stir on the internet this week.

The organisers, Quest, are a well know gay pressure group which seeks to change Church teaching on sexuality. They have a long history of dissent and pressure which you can get a sense for at Protect the Pope. Quest openly and publicly support same-sex marriage in direct contradiction to Church teaching.

The conference is facilitated and endorsed by Bishop Peter Doyle, the Bishop of Northampton who is speaking at the event. Doyle is a bishop known to have a bit of problem with people going to confession, once having said a whole family attending confession together were "too squeaky clean". At the last Synod on the family he said on Vatican radio there should be a special synod on homosexuality. As Protect the Pope notes, the greatest supporters of Quest have bishop the now defunct Bishop of Arundle & Brighton Kieran "I never preach about sexual morality because I'm having a series of affairs" Conry and Cardinal Vincent Nichols himself.

Despite the danger posed to same-sex attracted Catholics by Quest, Cardinal Nichols actually endorsed them in a letter to Westminster clergy!

Bishop Doyle is joined by notorious self-professed homosexual, James Alison, a run down on whom can be gleaned from Joseph Sciambra here. Joseph also provides some useful information on the problems with Quest here. Of course James Martin needs no introduction, being the world's leading promoter of homosexuality in the Catholic Church, but if you want a quick overview of his CV of dissent & deception, see here.

There is a tidal wave of unfaithful clerics wanting to change Church teaching on any number of issues, but where is the bishop-led initiative explaining chastity to the flock? Or the value of parenthood? Or the meaning of love within marriage? Tumbleweeds. The flock are starving for want of solid teaching and, as I have mentioned before, they are abandoning bishops and starting their own apostolates and support groups.

Why is this bishop supporting an event hosting a range of speakers calling for radical change? There is only one conclusion one can possibly reach and that is that he is a bishop that does not believe what the Church teaches and thus seeks to undermine that teaching. As that is clearly the case, is he a fit man to be in charge of the Catholics in his diocese? Isn't there a risk that Doyle is the next Conry?

And why are they promoting this with an image of a child's hand "walking" across a rainbow bridge to a man's hand?
If you look closely, you can see this is doubled down with a subliminal image: the two, stacked, orange blocks (representing an adult) and the single, red block (representing a child) on the smaller bridge to the left of the image?

Does anyone else think that this may not be the wisest event for the Bishop responsible for “Family life” in UK to speak at?

As a Catechist and a father I am fed up of this to be frank. Anything run by a bishop seems to be dodgy and to be avoided, while the flock are starving for the faith!

Why are numbers declining? Frankly because of this crap! The Church under this leadership is schizophrenic, persecuting faithful expositions of faith and promoting self-undermining positions! You can't find anyone teaching married couples about natural fertility or the importance of life, probably because all the bishops are too busy promoting heresy and sin!

They can have no supernatural faith. What sort of supernatural faith can men like Conry have? What about McCarrick?

We need to rise up with one voice and tell these men that we don't want anymore of your "renewal". We want you to return what you've taken from us. And then we want you to vacate your positions in order to make room for a new generation of men who believe as the Fathers and Doctors believed.

If you've had enough, why not email this faithless shepherd and tell him The Bishop's PA is Tricia Elliott or write to:

Bishop Peter Doyle
Bishop's House.
Marriott Street

Obviously your letter/email will be binned, unless you also copy in the Nuncio:

His Excellency Edward Joseph Adams
54 Parkside
SW19 5NE

Tel: +44 20 8944 7189

AND Cardinal Nichols
Archbishop’s House
Ambrosden Avenue

020 7798 9033

Or even send it to every bishop you can. Let them be obedient to the Lord re fraternal correction. Ask the other bishops what they think of Bishop Doyle’s antics!


  1. Bishop Doyle has been retired as of today.
    Is his successor David Oakley any less rainbowy?


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