Chinese Priests "Disappeared" after State Indoctrination

China - Hebei: Asia News reports that four underground priests have disappeared in police custody. Two of the priests belong to the ancient Diocese of Xiwanzi; the other two to that of Xuanhua.

All four priests were taken from their churches to a nearby hotel to be indoctrinated in the religious policy of the Chinese government because they refused to enrol in the Patriotic Association, which aims to create a Church independent of the Holy See.

Meanwhile, in Shangcai (Henan), the cross of the bell tower of the church and some of the building's spires have been destroyed.

Since China and the Vatican signed an agreement on the appointment of bishops, with which - at least in theory - the Pope is recognized as head of the Catholic Church - the Patriotic Association and the United Fronthave been waging a campaign to remind all priests that the Church in China "despite the agreement", is "independent" and as a requirement of their commitment to this it asks the und…

New York parishioners are using the collection basket to ask embattled Catholic bishop to resign

Oh this is brilliant!
"We will resume our weekly offering when the Bishop resigns or is removed," read one handwritten note that was placed in a Sunday collection basket..." You see it is the lay faithful who really hold the power in this equation. It is lay Catholics who allow bishops and priests to continue their privileged lifestyles. It is lay Catholics who make sacrifices so that we have beautifully furnished churches and buildings in which to meet and worship, it is lay Catholics who sacrifice their sons and daughters to be priests and religious.
If we, the lay people, stop believing in the moral authority of the priests and bishops, if they cease to preach what the faith holds and teaches and instead start preaching some other Gospel, we have the power to stop them. 
They think they are in control, we have been docile for so long, but under the strain of scandal after scandal, the dam is beginning to break, and this story could provide the template many other di…

“Thou shalt not bear false witness” – English Cardinal Berates Social Media Users

The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Gerard Cardinal Nichols took to Twitter recently to berate Catholics who use the internet for the “bitterness, tittle-tattle, hostility and false witness that floods the digital world.” How easily the internet reduces us to digital tribes, engaged in a kind of bitter conflict which somehow seems acceptable because it is ‘out there’ somewhere. These things are a true disfigurement of the face of Jesus and should have no place in our lives. — Cardinal Nichols (@CardinalNichols) October 26, 2018Linking to a homily the Cardinal delivered at the Venerable English College in Rome on the 21st October 2018, he suggested “those who contribute” include “priests and deacons.” “How easily the internet reduces us to digital tribes, engaged in a kind of bitter conflict which somehow seems acceptable because it is ‘out there’ somewhere. Even if we do not contribute, and sometimes we are worse than others, far too easily we amuse ourselves at the disco…

Lumbering Synodal Final Document is largely an exercise hand wringing

The disaffection of Catholics with Pope Francis continues to grow in the wake of the synod. Robert Royal offers a particularly sobering reflection on the Synod's final document in this article:

In this article he tries to answer the question “Which future for the Church?” Would the Synod Fathers accept vague language about sexuality and synodality that could lead to anything – and probably will, as the vague formulations of Vatican II did in the 1960s and 1970s – or would they affirm not only Catholic moral teachings in a world that doesn’t understand them, but also the Church’s sense of itself as, of course, engaged with the world, but as possessing a truth and a Spirit that is not of the world.

As has come to be the characteristic of Church documents under this pontiff, the final synod document is horrendously long and full of meaningless waffle, as Royal puts it, if you read through the entire text without specially looking for the worrying controversial issues which have been…


So the Youth Synod is finally over (thank God). It is already widely being dubbed "The Smuggler Synod"
The smuggling began in the Synod’s preparatory phase. A “pre-Synod” meeting of young people in March 2018 was thoroughly rigged, according to the accounts of some brave souls who were there because the Synod managers either misidentified them or wanted them as cover. Working sessions were conducted long into the night, the goal being to get inserted into the meeting’s final document a number of progressive Catholic approaches to human sexuality. One discussion group leader banned an opening prayer before the group’s meetings – what had been proposed was a joint recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Doxology – saying that this might make the non-Catholics present uncomfortable. The Synod managers and the new Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life trumpeted this meeting as a great advance in “listening;” it was an exercise in manipulation and spin. And it lo…

A Call for Unity!

I have watched this about three times now. I think it is a very articulate, balanced and intelligent appraisal of the current situation. It speaks FOR the dignity of the office of the Pope. FOR respect for the person of the Pope. FOR prayer, FOR unity and a call to fight for our Church!

We have seen increasing divisions and this is not of Christ. I think the reason for the division is the obfuscation of the face of Christ by Pope Francis. The Pope clouds the truth, fails to give clear answers to any questions and challenges the long-held understanding of the Gospel held and taught by the Catholic Church, and indeed all Christians! In the face of such demonic assault, we see nothing but toadying and sycophancy from all but a very few shepherds.

C9 Cardinal: Final Synod Document Contains Language Riddled with Agenda!

Oh look! What a surprise! The final document of the 2018 Synod of Bishops contains language about “sexual orientation” “synodality” and “discernment” that doesn’t result from input from participants in the synod hall!

Asked who was responsible for inserting such language, Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai, India, speculated it was the officials charged by Francis with overseeing synod operations, beginning with Italian Cardinal Lorenzo (the book thief) Baldifacedliar Baldisseri, the man who lied about the inclusion of the secular (and heretical) terminology "LGBT"'s inclusion in the Instrumentum Laboris (the working document of the synod).

Speaking to Crux, Gracias said that when the bishops inside the synod received the draft, umbrage was voiced over the new language.

“There was some resistance when it was publicised because this document has so much on synodality when we really haven’t discussed it, which is true,” he said.

Gracias said he’s not entirely convinced tha…