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Report on Money Laundering in the Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Faithful Investigates Money Laundering in the Catholic Church (PETERSBURG, IL) — An organization of Catholics dedicated to exposing corruption in the Catholic Church has announced details on its latest investigation into what its leader predicts “will likely rock the Church.” In a recent speech at the “Bishops: Enough is Enough!” conference in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday of this week, Stephen G. Brady, founder and president of Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) announced that he has discovered documents which provide strong evidence that the practice of money laundering is deeply embedded in the Catholic Church. Mr. Brady announced that what is now being uncovered by RCF “will likely rock the Church and the culture as much – if not more – than the sex abuse crisis.” Mr. Brady described multiple investigations, one of which involves the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which is the Catholic Episcopal See for Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, and the Palestine territories. Its author

US Bishops Endorse Sacrilege

We are used to a lack of plain speaking & clear direction from our shepherds these days, deeply unfortunate though that truth may be. I am disappointed that the US bishops have failed to clearly state Catholic teaching on the Eucharist but not at all surprised. It was completely to be expected, but it is a desperately sad and it is really difficult to see: 1. How this is not directly contravening canon 915. 2. How this can do anything but diminish belief in the Real Presence 3. How this will do anything but serve to increase division & deep cynicism about the faithfulness of US bishops Of course, the document tries to cover up for the reality that it frames by coating the essential ruling in lots of meaningless platitudes, but ultimately we all know what this was about. It wasn't about producing a teaching document on the blessed sacrament, it was prompted by, and a response to, the US President & Speaker of the House using their "faithful Catholic" credential

Sebastian Morello at Catholic Man UK

This is a talk from the Catholic men's weekend in Walsingham, November 2021: "To Be A Pilgrim" - Man and the Call to Pilgrimage, given by Dr. Sebastian Morello, formerly a catechist at the Southwark Diocese Centre at Tooting BEC & a formerly supervised for his doctoral thesis by Sir Roger Scruton, widely considered to be one of the world's greatest contemporary intellectuals. This talk offers some deep insights well worth pondering. Key among them is the observation that we have lost our devotional faith & attempted to replace it with a kind of rationality which seeks to explain & rationalise a supernatural reality we need and long for as part of the truth of our existence. As someone long involved in catechesis myself I am super guilty of thinking 'if only I can explain this the right way, this person will accept it'. At the same time I have always considered that an intellectual approach is only part of the jigsaw puzzle. We have to have rational

Reigniting The Liturgy War

The leaked exchange of letters between Vincent Cardinal Nichols and Archbishop Arthur Roche is very unusual and therefore most interesting. I know various UK clergy who claim they had copies at least a week before they were published, indeed Dr. Joseph Shaw pointed out at 1P5 that:  "These two letters have been going around by email for some time, and it was inevitable that they would be published" I have heard from Journalists who knew of the existence of these letters, although they were not cleared to go public by their sources, then Gloria TV get hold of the exclusive ! Gloria TV! Why not give it to Damian Thompson or The Tablet or The Pillar ? Unless you wanted to create distance? Can you remember the last time some private correspondence between the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and the Vatican was made public? Neither can I. So who leaked it? Does it demonstrate a growing exasperation with the direction of the Bergoglian papacy? Was it some Vatican or CDW offic

If the “Olson’s” of the Church are turning on Bergoglio he is really in trouble!

On this recent episode of EWTN's The World Over , we find some typical responses to the latest Papal confusion.  As Raymond Arroyo points out, the function & purpose of the meeting with the Pope was for Biden to demonstrate clearly that you can be a good Catholic receiving communion and yet openly promote and support abortion. Interesting that Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth, Texas, a man with a terrible reputation , certainly not any sort of traditionalist or well known for orthodoxy, has been vocal in calling out the deliberate confusion being caused by the Pope in direct contradiction to his proper function as the very point of unity & clarity for Christians. Interesting. If the “Olson’s” of the Church are turning on Bergoglio he is really in trouble! Olson himself is a scandalous creep. @LepantoInst — Chris Ekstrom (@ekstromfortexas) November 11, 2021 Biden pushes the most extreme measures on abortion and is facing sanction from his own bishops at home so it is impo

Archbishop Roche: Inept or a Liar?

  As always these days there is a lot going on in the Church. Not much of it any good. Although this is a good thing announced by the Cardinal yesterday. At the weekend there was an interesting breach in protocol when the Catholic website 1P5 posted an exchange of letters between the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols and the Prefect for the Congregation on Divine Worship and former bishop of Leeds in the UK, Arthur Roche. I had to wonder who leaked it and what such an unusual leak might mean? Probably that quite a number of clergy are frustrated and upset by Traditiones custodes and what it means for the Church. Clergy here have told me that Roche''s tenure as bishop of Leeds was not a happy one and he was "promoted" to Rome to get him out of the way — apparently this is not an uncommon phenomenon, however counter-intuitive it may appear. However "Uncle Arthur" as he is often called, is ambitious and the perfect individual to implement Po