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Peter's Pence Suspended

Some people have been saying for a long while that the intrigue and heresy of the Vatican won't bring the present regime to an end, but money might . The scandalous revelation that only a tenth of the annual Peter's Pence collection actually goes to charity has probably not helped the financial situation at the Holy See. Last October, Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi claimed that the Vatican lost nearly €44million last year while its property empire made a loss for the first time. Despite this, there is a serious lack of reporting on the financial scandals surrounding the Vatican which has been noted by numerous prominent journalists: Spoke to a well-informed, non-partisan contact this morning. He suspects major financial scandals involving Becciu are being concealed; described many members of Vatican press corps as “courtiers” who will never investigate properly. — Damian Thompson (@holysmoke) October 9, 2019 Church Militant reports t