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Church Leaders Begin to Speak Out - Dr. Ralph Martin

In this video Dr. Ralph Martin of Renewal Ministries points out that high ranking leaders in the Church are beginning to speak about the antichrist and are acknowledging the fears beginning to grow among God’s people, as they see what is happening in society and in the Church. Ralph looks at what these leaders are saying, what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches about the antichrist, and how we can live confident in the power of God’s love and free of fear in challenging times such as these. Renewal Ministries is dedicated to fostering renewal and evangelization in the Catholic Church by helping people know the personal love of God in Jesus and grow in holiness. Stay connected with us to receive more compelling content that strives to help you walk more closely with the Lord! Also, as censorship of social media becomes more prevalent, we invite you to join our email list in order to ensure that you continue receiving the latest and most important messages from Renewal Ministri

Cardinal Grech knew in 2009 priest was accused of molesting children

Late in the 1990's, a priest in the diocese of Cairns, Australia was accused of abusing children. The priest fled home to his native Gozo, a small island in the Maltese archipelago. Cairns Bishop James Foley, ( who has exhibited public cause for concern previously ) told The Cairns Post he had been in email contact with the current Bishop of Gozo, where this man Joseph Sultana is still serving as a priest. The Times of Malta reports Cairns Bishop James Foley, who offered the victim religious counselling when informed of the abuse in November 2009 ,  "The current Bishop of Gozo and I have exchanged emails on this matter, initiated by him after this was reported in the media in Malta," Bishop Foley said. "Now I have no authority or jurisdiction over Joseph Sultana. "The alleged victim and his solicitors have been urged by myself and our lawyers that this matter should be in police hands, as they are the only ones with the means and the authority to investigate

US Bishops Chaos

Extraordinary events last Wednesday when USCCB conference president Archbishop Jose Gomez, issued a statement which took uncompromising positions on abortion, gender, and religious liberty, warning that the Biden administration’s policy agenda would advance “moral evils” on several fronts, which was then spiked. The statement was expected to be released at 9:00 am Jan. 20. The Pillar (a new Catholic news source founded by Canon Laywer Ed Condon and former editor of CNA J.D. Flynn) reported  that it was not released Wednesday morning, and bishops were informed by USCCB officials that it remained under embargo, even after one media outlet reported it had been released.  The Pillar reports : Sources in the Vatican Secretariat of State, others close to the U.S. bishops’ conference, and sources among the U.S. bishops have confirmed to The Pillar that the statement was spiked after intervention from the Vatican Secretariat of State, hours before it was due to be released. The statement ha

God Makes No Mistakes

I read this in Magnificat this weekend and thought it was so beautiful & inspiring I had to share it. The countess lies in her bed, weeping freely. In her arms she cradles a newborn lump of humanity covered with blood, a boy child. His face seems jolted out of shape, and his body — it is a body, somehow. "You are so pitiful," she cries, "my poor little boy."The count looks on. "Fetch the priest," he says to one of his servants. And the thought passes through his mind that it might be a mercy if the child died after he had been baptized. He fights the thought with prayer. "My dear," he says, "we will give this child to God. He will do what is best." The priest comes, and they christen the boy Hermann, "fighting man" in the old German tongue. He will be one of fifteen children, and Werner, one of his brothers, will indeed be a fighter at the side of Hildebrand, the great reforming Pope Gregory VII. Carried to school