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An Easter Reflection

This powerful Easter reflection was written by a friend of mine and is posted here with her permission: On Easter Vigil I had the privilege to witness 8 adult catechumens being initiated in the Catholic Church. They received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist. It was a joyous experience to witness and it made me reflect on my own Baptism and all the rights AND duties it brought with it. How faithful am I to my calling? These nine people made a conscious decision to join the Catholic Church, to follow Jesus Christ and all his hard sayings. It was a joyful experience for me to see them go up one by one first to be baptised, then to receive to be confirmed and lastly to receive Holy Communion. Their joy was plain to see on their faces, on the faces of the godparents and their relatives. And it made me think: how joyful am I in my life of faith? How grafted I am to Christ and his Church? What witness am I giving to these “younger” brothers and sisters in fai

The Scandal of Cardinal Danneels


A Humble Pope

I was shocked to see the Pope kneeling & kissing the shoes of Sudanese politicians recently. Would such a cringe-making display of humility have any real effect on politicians dealing with a conflict? Who can say. But, the first thing that came to my mind, and it seems many others, is that Pope Francis has become almost famous for NOT kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament. " is it humility that causes one to stand when others kneel, to keel when others stand, and to constantly be seeking out opportunities to single oneself out and to be different?"