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Yesterday was the annual Pride march in London. It's becoming increasingly clear that more and more people are waking up to see what Pride actually is. I have a problem with this - at London Pride. What would a young girl see here? And what do I see? Many people I suppose would way it's all fine. I really don't think it is. — MGadd (@Sparrlyten) July 6, 2019 You shall know them by their fruits. — Caroline Farrow (@CF_Farrow) July 6, 2019 In First Things , Ed Condon makes some good points. He begins by explaining the root of the problem; a subjectivism which reduces moral acts to individual freedom and choice: Unmoored from concepts like Natural Law—which provided a common societal bedrock in previous centuries—the true, the good, and the right are now adrift, blown by the ever-stronger winds of legal positivism into whatever harbor awaits them. For a growing number of people, the Supreme Court’s decisio