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Youth Conference for Catholic Medics: 29th September, London

The Third Annual CMA Youth Conference Catholics in Healthcare: Building a Culture of Life Saturday 29th September St Aloysius' Catholic Church, Euston, London 1:30pm - 5:30pm The Catholic Medical Association invites all young (18-35yrs) Catholics in healthcare (doctors, nurses, medical students, nursing students, pharmacists etc) to the Third Annual CMA Youth Conference. Speakers and a panel will explore the meaning of the culture of life in relation to healthcare and how to live by that culture in our professional and personal lives.  There will be a small fayre to showcase the work of lay and religious organisations related to healthcare and tea and coffee will be provided during the break. Entry is by donation (suggested donation: £5, payable at the door). Please be generous in order to enable the continued work of the Catholic Medical Association's Committee for the New Evangelisation (CMANE). The CMANE supports young Catholics in healthcare. Register at:  bu

McCarrick Resigns. But who supported him?

It has been infuriating and heart-breaking in equal measure observing the machinations and ramifications that have followed the exposure of Cardinal McCarrick as an active homosexual and abuser of boys and men over decades. The reason it is so devastating is that this was an "open secret", much like the romantic dalliances of our own former Bishop of Arundle and Brighton, Kieran Conry  whom Cardinal Nichols made Head of catechesis and evangelisation for the Bishops' Conference! Everyone knew what was going on, especially priests and seminarians, but they closed ranks and kept quiet. McCarrick was promoted, and in turn promoted others. Most concerning is that the names of those he promoted are well known campaigners for a new direction in the Church. Pope Benedict "put McCarrick out to pasture", Pope Francis restored him, as he did Cardinal Danneels and Cardinal Mahony . McCarrick is responsible for the promotion of Farrell, Cupich and Joseph "nighty-n

Pope Francis in 2002 Abuse Cover-Up Allegations

Some journalists have noted that any allegations of clerical abuse from Argentina or Chile tend to be kicked immediately into the long grass. The media who love Pope Francis, just aren't interested in following up these allegations and seeing if there's anything credible about them. On May 26, 2018, high-profile Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti posted on his blog an explosive story about Francis’ past in Buenos Aires that was removed again after publication without explanation. Although these allegations are mainly gaining ground and being circulated on sede-vacantist internet sites, it's clear the allegations come from the mother and the victim. So far it seems Catholic journalists are just too gutless to follow up the story. Damian Thompson has put the bare bones out on Twitter along with a challenge! OK, I’ve put the story out there. Now let’s hear from @GregBurkeRome @austeni @JohnLAllenJr @PhilipPullella @ctrlamb @joshjmac @EdwardPentin @DictatorPope

Confronting or Appeasing SSA?

Vicky Beeching is someone who I has not escaped my attention in the past, she has been a rather prominent Christian voice on T.V. etc. In 2014 after she had "come out" I commented that she appears to be a person with sincere faith who has achieved a degree of success and in that context has tried to explain away the relationship between a modern secular society which makes sense to her, and Christianity. If anything, her over-apologetic style is what has frustrated me before as lacking in confidence of the Gospel message and, in the context of my re-reading of Humani generis a little while ago ( see here ) which states in no's 10 - 12: it is apparent, however, that some today, as in apostolic times, desirous of novelty, and fearing to be considered ignorant of recent scientific findings, try to withdraw themselves from the sacred Teaching Authority and are accordingly in danger of gradually departing from revealed truth and of drawing others along with them into