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The Assumption

The Assumption The Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion, Jerusalem. I was asked an interesting Catholic question today. I thought I would share it along with my answer as it concerns the Assumption, which seems to be one of those things lots of people have questions about! Here is one of the questions I've been struggling with when it comes to Roman Catholicism. If the assumption of Mary is a dogma that is necessary for one's salvation, and nothing can be added to the deposit of faith the Apostles delivered to their successors, why do we not really see the assumption of Mary much in history and when it does come up it isn't seen as a view necessary for salvation? Thanks for your time.    In Christ.  Michael This is my answer: On the contrary Michael, we certainly do see the Assumption of Mary in history. In fact the doctrine is specifically the culmination of a long historical process. Apocryphal stories concerned with Mary's death go back to the 3rd Cen