D-Day, or B-Day, Rapidly Approaches

Scan from 6th June 2012

So here she is; a lovely profile shot of our little lady who is nicely positioned for her arrival sometime around the middle of July. Lou is nesting like nobody's business, which inevitably means that I have been nesting like nobody's business, painting, moving furniture and getting ready for a new member of the family.

It is really starting to hit home that this is a reality, that we will have a new small person living with us soon. Lou has acquired some pink tester pots for baby's bedroom. This is a sign. We have never indulged the pink thing with Ruth, Ruth however had her own ideas about being a girl and did pink BIG TIME! She also did sparkles and frills and all those cheesy things. So under the circumstances, Lou is going to indulge every pink whim she feels the need to indulge, and frankly, I say "go for it!"

I can't help but wonder how much she will be like Ruth and how much she will be different, and I am desperately trying not to think like that...Which just makes it worse. Just looking at that picture I am imagining her beautiful nose and her amazing smile. Her gorgeous little feet and her gentle little hands. Very soon I will be cuddling her and cooing to her. Reading her stories and changing her nappies. I can't wait!

When we have been expecting before, I have always found myself thrust into parenthood to some degree. What I mean is unprepared or along for the ride to some extent. Never before have I found myself longing so deeply to meet this person. To begin the voyage of discovery that bringing up a child is. Imagining all the things we will share together, what I will show her and teach her.

Please keep us in your prayers as we approach the due date, that this blessing may arrive safely.

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