Getting to Know You...

This is our gorgeous little girl, Mary Therese, who we have been waiting for for what seems like eternity. Seldom has a baby been so longed for, hoped for and prayed for and now, because of her, there's little doubt that everything has changed. One of the biggest things about losing Ruth was numbers. The numbers were all wrong, and though it was a simple subtraction, I could not figure out how many we were at the airport, or at a restaurant for dinner, without a great deal of stringent mental gymnastics. Now the numbers are right again. We are the right number, and the right balance.

John said the other day "it's like Ruth has been reborn", which is very deep for John. The point is that he gets it too. Each of the boys gets it, in their own way perhaps, but they each have their own story of rejuvenation from the birth of our daughter. Lou commented whilst dressing her the other morning, just how wonderful and right it felt to have pink clothes in the house once more. Much that was wrong has been put right through this precious gift, and much that was wounded has been healed in us. What an extraordinary story this has been, what a journey through loss and despair to joy and elation.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Mary's first few days have been very exciting. Her schedule has, in fact, somewhat resembled that of Her Majesty the Queen, in that it has been packed full of official engagements and meetings with interesting people.

In fact now, she's rather exhausted!

One of the first people she met was Auntie Heather (we call her Fevver), who assisted in her arrival.

Of course there was Nanny, who we see here checking Mary out, as Mary checks her out!

We had to be introduced to Auntie Lea-Anne and Uncle Simon along with cousins, Thomas, Emily and Isabelle:

Of course there was Auntie Norah to meet.

And cousins Lizzie and Martha

There was Auntie Mary-Ann and Uncle Gez, with cousin Grace

More cousins: Erin and Catherine

This one is Erin:

And this one is Catherine:

Is that the doorbell? How many more asks Mary?

Well there's Auntie Una:

And Auntie Julia:

And then the clergy turn up!
Best have a bath so we look our best:

Baths are not currently our favourite thing!

Anyway, the priests arrive, three wise men from the East (end)...

Fr. Dom seems smitten:

Fr. Kevin is a natural!

Fr. David has come all the way from Uganda!

Now who is Melchior, who is Caspar and who is Balthazar?

Phew, after that, we're exhausted!

Just time to catch forty winks before the next lot arrive:

Auntie Sally looks broody to me (watch out Seany!)

We have to meet the future teachers:

This young lady looks a little broody too perhaps??

And Auntie Carmel and Aimie

Auntie Sarah, back from her holidays

Raphie back from his holidays

And Great, Great Auntie Kath—Mary's Grandma's Auntie! The oldest member of the family meets the youngest!

Well that's all for now, Mary says see you soon!

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