Fr. Dom's First EF Mass

There are some great pictures over at the New Liturgical Movement website of the beautiful solemn High Mass said by Father Dominic O'Toole C.Ss.R., at Clapham on Saturday to mark the 160th anniversary of the church's consecration as I informed you in my post of 3rd October:

Fr. Dominic was assisted by Fr. Peter Gee and Br. Gerry Carroll, C.Ss.R.

Music was provided by the St. George's Cathedral Choir, Southwark, under the direction of Nick Gale.  I was a bit worried he'd nicked the curtains to fashion a suitable chasuble, but it does all seem to have been very colour coordinated. I did speak to Fr. Dominic on Sunday afternoon, as I was scrambling from the back of a mini-bus in Westport as part of my cousin's stag party, so I didn't get much of an opportunity to find out how it went. I look forward to sharing a full report with you in due course!

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