Father Jeff in the Holy Land

Fr. Jeff Woolnough praying Holy Mass at the Church of Gethsemane
I've just had a lovely surprise! My friend Fr. Jeff Woolnough, a priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, and the priest in charge at St. Peter's Eastwood just popped in having returned from a quite spectacular trip to the Holy Land with Kimberly and Scott Hahn.

Fr. Jeff with the Hahns

Fr. Jeff is such a blessing to us here and so enthusiastic, it is such a great joy to know him. He has been a great encouragement and inspiration to me in respect of his incredibly courageous journey home to Rome. Now, in his own words
"Becoming a Catholic has opened so many new doors and so now just humbly thanking God!"
It sounds like the trip was amazing, and deeply emotional for Jeff, as he was able to do so many things he would not have been able to do before he entered fully into communion with the Church. The wonder of visiting the places we read about in the Gospels was greatly enhanced by travelling with Scott and Kimberly, who added there unceasing enthusiasm, great depth of knowledge, and love, to the whole trip. It really does sound like it was unforgettable.

Father Jeff was in touch during his trip and was keeping his parishioners updated. He brought me back an amazing gift—prayers said for Ruth in the Holy Sepulchre itself, and a message from Scott, who is one of my great heroes!

The Holy Sepulchre, where Fr. Jeff said Mass & prayed for us all and Ruth.

An amazing gift from Israel!
What is almost unbelievable is that I read the passage he cites from Romans this morning!

Thank you Dr. Scott Hahn, thank you for inspiring me, and for helping me with your books and lectures on EWTN to achieve a degree in Catholic Theology! And thank you Fr. Jeff for being my friend, and an amazing priest!

I'm going to tuck this away safely in my Bible now!

More on Father Jeff's journey and the Holy Land on his blog.

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