Bishop Thomas on Pope's Resignation

Bishop Thomas on his last visit to my Parish.

My Apostle, the Right Reverend Thomas McMahon, Bishop of Brentwood, comments on the Pope's decision to resign:

11 Feb 2013
I heard with great surprise the news of Pope Benedict’s resignation this morning. I am obviously saddened to hear of the Pope’s state of health. He is very much in my thoughts and prayers.
It is characteristic of his integrity and clarity of mind that he has made this courageous decision. It shows clearly his great concern for the pastoral well-being of the Church.
Pope Benedict is remembered very fondly in our country as a result of his visit to the UK in 2010. He brought inspiration and encouragement to Christians of all denominations and indeed members of all faiths. He will also be greatly appreciated for his accessible yet profound teaching of the Christian Faith. Indeed, the Year of Faith which Roman Catholics are currently celebrating is very much the Pope’s own initiative.
I would ask all people of goodwill to keep Pope Benedict in their prayers at this important time.
+Bishop Thomas McMahon

One element of the Pope's legacy is increased reverence, like receiving Communion on the tongue.

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