The Eastleigh By-election

I have to say that I felt that the result was something of a victory for the increasing moral malaise of the country rather than the Liberal Democrats.

I'm one of those people who developed an increasing respect for Nick Clegg in the run up to the last General Election, despite my fear that the Lib Dems tend to do better whinging about things that actually sorting things out. However, whatever positive feelings I had built up have long since dissipated, replaced with genuine shock over Clegg's willingness to forgo any objective moral sense of wrong and right in order to justify clinging on to power. I thought the u-turn on university fees was an appalling betrayal of the people who voted for the party and the scandal with Chris Huhne was just one more demonstration of politicians lack of regard for the rules they expect everyone else to play by.

I think it also demonstrates the fact that we are a bit lost politically. Look where Labour came, it's like they're not even taken seriously, and who can take them seriously? The seem like another version of the Conservatives these days, Dave having taken the party on a remodelling which basically constituted a make-over at Tony Blair's political styling salon. So does anyone trust Labour? I don't. They see to stand against pretty much all of the social and moral ideals I believe in. The Tories have sold out, the Lib Dems are duplicitous liars. Who's left? UKIP? Seriously? That's depressing.

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