BBC Bias

Am I being unreasonable?

On BBC Radio 4's today programme this morning at 08:46 John Humphrys led an item discussing Pope Francis convention of his "shadow cabinet" this week. Apparently, the council "Mavericks to a man..." quoth Humphrys, have been brought together "for a first round of talks on reforming the Catholic Church."

WHAT? Where on earth did that come from? This is a Church whose soul purpose is to hold the Apostolic teaching given to us in perpetuity-unchanged-until the parousia, the second coming of Christ. What's to change? Sure, administration, bureaucracy mal-administration...In other words, management. But the stuff itself, the whole point is that objective truth does not change. That's the whole history of the Church.

Humprhys, in typically balanced, journalistic, form, sums up the Church by explaining that it's teaching is so hopelessly out of date that everyone in the whole world things it is completely dis-functional.

Yeah, right-oh John. How incredibly patronising for the 1.1 Billion Catholics in the world. How BBC, How Radio 4.

So, who, in their professional commitment to balanced journalism, do you think they get on to talk about this? Archbishop Vincent Nichols? A lecturer on Canon Law, ecclesiology, or Church History from Wonersh or Oscott? One of a thousand excellent, knowledgeable priests we have in this country? Someone from the Catholic Herald or Catholic Voices perhaps?

Nope. They get that hip, modern thinker, the 85 year old Swiss Professor, Hans Küng.

He's so forward thinking that he's backwards. In the late 1960s, he became the first major Roman Catholic theologian since the late 19th century Old Catholic Church schism to publicly reject the doctrine of papal infallibility, and was stripped of his missio canonica, his licence to teach as a Roman Catholic theologian in 1979.

I mean, the only thing Küng, the darling theologian of ACTA supporters everywhere, is famous for is for being a constant, vocal, critique of the Church. Even at Vatican II, he was regarded as ‘incendiary, superficial, and polemical’. Oh, and for driving a bright red sports car around Rome (I bet Pope Francis would disapprove of that!).

The Pope doesn't drive a sports car.

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