A Call To Action Exposed For What it is by Fr. Ed

ACTA seem to have started the New Year off briskly, with lots of meetings and letters floating about. There was a recent meeting planned at the Ursuline School in Brentwood I heard and there's talk of meetings in Arundel and Brighton and Southwark diocese. Whilst most of the clergy I have spoken to write ACTA off and so don't bother to condemn what they consider a lunatic fringe, ACTA are busy stirring things up and making as much noise as possible. They invite clergy along to their meetings who often have no idea about their agenda and then publicise their involvement in an attempt to gain respectability. It's a disingenuous game of smoke and mirrors where they obfuscate what they're all about to retain a facade of respectability, then use every tool in the book to try and pretend they have official recognition and a broad support base.

The brilliant Fr Ed Tomlinson never pulls his punches. He was recently sent an invitation to an ACTA meeting which is taking place in Amigo Hall, next to Southwark Cathedral (of all places!). In response, he has posted a rather insightful blog warning spelling out in no uncertain terms the dangers of recognising ACTA and entertaining its agenda of division. This is all the more important given the fact that Fr. Ed is a priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, and is all too aware of where this sort of agenda has led the Anglican Communion.

He writes [emphasis mine]:
'Imagine if I claimed to love my wife but sat down on a regular basis and wrote a long list criticising her every action and belief. It would betray a reality, that I did not in fact love her -only a self projected vision I held of her- a fake image- that which I hoped she might become if directed by my own agenda. It would be lamentable and she would deserve much better.
ACTA (A Call To Action) are a group whose origins are in America but who are now gaining momentum here in the UK. This morning I received an email from them inviting me to a new “Southwark Diocesan” branch meeting to be held in the Amigo Hall connected to Southwark Cathedral. Oh dear! Someone should warn the diocesan authorities what this group are all about. Be sure to read “Where do we go from here?”
ACTA present a voice of modernist dissent whose agenda is the abandonment of the historic Catholic faith. Were they to succeed the Catholic church would morph into the worst examples of modern day Anglicanism. For this group rallies to the predictable liberal causes- women priests, an acceptance of sexually active homosexual lifestyles, contraception, etc, etc. In short a church that conforms to the world rather than a church seeking to conform the world to Christ.
Back to my analogy of the husband who claims to love his wife but only criticises and attacks her. Is this not the perfect analogy for politically driven groups such as this? Because whilst ACTA claim to love the church what they actually love is a vision of a church that does not exist. Hence the need for radical change! And also hence the need to stir up controversy, encourage dissent and work against unity by pitting those of different political views against one another. The age old tactic of divide and conquer.
Of course ACTA would dismiss this view- claiming they only seek ”open dialogue” on key issues. But as Pope Emeritus Benedict remarked to the bishops of England and Wales:
"In a social milieu that encourages the expression of a variety of opinions on every question that arises, it is important to recognize dissent for what it is, and not to mistake it for a mature contribution to a balanced and wide-ranging debate. It is the truth revealed through Scripture and Tradition and articulated by the Church’s Magisterium that sets us free."
There then is the reason I believe ACTA should not be given official encouragement. I say that as one who witnessed first hand the destruction agendas like this caused in the Church of England. So the answer to the email inviting me to the meeting in the Amigo Hall is a resounding no.
I am as likely to join this group as I would a group whose aim was to criticise my wife and call for change in her appearance. Love stops me. The fact I love the church as she is just as I love my wife as she is. Let us pray today then for those who do not love the church in this way. For all those intentions are most likely sincere but whose visions are clouded by the lies of modernity and whose aims are driven not by the Gospel but the secular culture of our day.
A final thought. If the voices behind ACTA so desperately want a lay led communion in which contraception, women priests et al can flourish…then why not do the honourable thing and just become Anglican? Why create something that already exists and would welcome you?' 
Protect the Pope commented that A Call to Action have taken their first official step in causing division in the Church by writing to the Bishops Conference of England and Wales requesting that the bishops withdraw the new translation of the Roman Missal, signalling their rejection of the authority of both Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, and the episcopal conferences who have accepted the new translation as normative. By this single act ACTA have struck at the heart of the communion of the Church, the liturgy of the Most Holy Mass. This is just the beginning of their divisive campaign that is being officially recognised by at least four or five bishops in this country. 

I think ACTA feel encouraged by the mis-information being spread about Pope Francis. They are encouraged by the twisted media reports and this has made them bold. The fact of the matter is that their agenda is dangerous and unachievable. It will not suceed in altering Catholic doctrine, but what it will achieve is convincing some Catholics that it is OK to ignore it.

In the catechetal wilderness that is modern Catholic Britain, it is ironic that the most vocal Church organisation is one with an agenda of dissent. The bishops need to speak out about this, ACTA should be condemned, and they should not be allowed to meet in Church buildings. I pray that priests and bishops listen before more damage is done.

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