Opening of the New Parish Centre

On Sunday, at long last, we had the official opening of our new Parish Centre. You can read the full press release and details of the building's design here. It was a big day for the Parish, and for our wonderful Parish Priest, Father Kevin Hale, who has really put his heart and soul into this project. The result of his efforts were finally on show, and I couldn't believe how many turned up to see Bishop Thomas McMahon open the centre.

Father Kevin asked me to take some pictures of the day which I am happy to share with you all here.


Preparing the Altar for Holy Mass

Gathering II


The Beautiful Altar

My Sons & Mr. Griffin. The boys have reached that age where they are not so keen to be photographed!

More avoidance tactics!

More and more people are arriving...

The Key, Holy Water, Order of Liturgy

Local dignataries attending included David Amess MP, and Southend's Mayor. Seated with them is our incredibly talented architect, Anthony Delarue.

We're off and running

Bishop Thomas is back again!! Every time I see him I wonder if this is the last time he will appear as bishop.

My little nieces are wondering what I am up to!

Fr. Kevin reads the Gospel

The Bishop gave an excellent address.

David Amess who is a thoroughly good MP. Glad to see him here.

On to the Centre

And this is what the inside looks like:

The Gilbert Room

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