Michael Voris- The New Church

Michael Voris has finally admitted that there is a "new" Catholic Church emerging. Has he finally capitulated to modernism? Has he decided that progress is, after all, inevitable? He explains all about the new emerging Church in his latest Vortex episode. Travelling around the world, meeting and speaking with groups of faithful Catholics has given him excellent insight into what is going on inside the Church all around the globe:

As I have said before, I think Voris is a bit like a modern day Old Testament prophet. His message is often really uncomfortable, but his focus is always about supernatural faith, against error, and for God and His Church.

His articulation of the concerns of so many who contact me: the confounding of the orthodox, the lauding of heterodox by Church establishment, the apathy of bishops, the way that being good, and loyal, and faithful- supporting more reverence and catechesis, only seems to get you into lots of hot water with the diocese.

The essential point Voris makes is right, I see it increasingly myself and it has long puzzled me to be honest. The net result of bishops supporting heretics and liberals is apostasy. People will, are, and have walked away from the Church if it doesn't stand for anything.

What do they honestly think it looks like, that we are this Church with all this doctrine, which "no one really believes anymore". Who on earth would want to be a part of any organisation like that? If they continue to insist on watering down doctrine and attacking loyal, orthodox Catholics, there will be no one left!

Voris notes that the "Church of nice" is fading away, and the eternal Church remains. It remains because what it stands for is objective truth.

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