Some Real Sex Ed, from Russell Brand of all people!

Good heavens! I could hardly believe my ears when I watched this edition of Russell Brand's The Trews in which he rants about the popularity of the newly released film of the notorious book Fifty Shades of Grey.

One has to wonder if the long-haired-lothario has been secretly reading Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body lectures? Certainly, many of the ideas he articulates here are straight from Church teaching and he mentions a priest who said that porn affects us not because it shows too much, but because it shows too little. In other words, it removes sex from its proper context, i.e. a mutual respectful, loving relationship.

Porn effects the way adults relate to each other and the reality of our sexuality which is ultimately—factuality—scientifically—about pro-creation. Porn removes the essential context of our humanity and reduces it to image or idea. In reality, intimacy is about building a consensual, respectful relationship where we share each other in an incredibly deep way.

Anyway, listen to Russell, he's really getting there with this; I'd love to hear what you said.

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