Bishop's Message for Home Mission Sunday

If, like me, you found yourself roused by the Creed last Sunday following the soporific platitudes of the Pastoral Letter from Archbishops Smith & Nichols, and wondered at the lack of any Sacramental dimension to their predictable and agenda ridden diatribe, you might be interested in watching this video from Bishop Mark O'Toole in Plymouth:

Bishop's message for Home Mission Sunday 2015 from Catholic Church (England/Wales) on Vimeo.

Reassuringly Catholic, isn't it?

As for the other thing, it was so blatantly sycophantic it was frightening! One of the most disappointing things about the CBEW, apart from their lack of evangelising and catechesis, is the way they seem to swim with political trends. Anyone who watches knows this and ++Vincent, especially, is so into this "mercy" without consequences narrative now, I'd love to see how he back-peddles out of any contrary message post synod. It's all terribly predictable if you know where he was trained and his theological background, see here.

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