Romans say "Basta!"

Overnight, Rome has been covered in fly posters like this one:

The legend reads:

<<Oi Frankie, you have emasculated Congregations, suspended priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals...But where is your mercy?>>

Christians faced with the ravages of Bergoglio...Roma e' tappezzata - Rome is carpeted!

A source told me that the posters near the Vatican have already been covered up; but they ARE ALL OVER ROME!!

Newman, Letter to the Duke of Norfolk, Diff., II, 279-280 

Here I am led to interpose a remark;—it is plain, then, that there are those near, or with access, to the Holy Father, who would, if they could, go much further in the way of assertion and command, than the divine Assistentia, which overshadows him, wills or permits; so {280} that his acts and his words on doctrinal subjects must be carefully scrutinised and weighed, before we can be sure what really he has said. Utterances which must be received as coming from an Infallible Voice are not made every day, indeed they are very rare; and those which are by some persons affirmed or assumed to be such, do not always turn out what they are said to be; nay, even such as are really dogmatic must be read by definite rules and by traditional principles of interpretation, which are as cogent and unchangeable as the Pope's own decisions themselves.


  1. pray pray pray for the pope's conversion before the wolves make capital of this appalling administration of "mercy"

  2. I guess there is no need of conversion. His Holiness is just a victim of some weaknesses that tend to strike some people as they get older: reduction of flexibility, decreasing discernment and increasing stubbornness - which is abused by some he believes to be his best friends. He himself is the victim of a situation he created himself by getting rid of all stabilising elements (sometimes mistaken for spontaneity). If you ever had someone like him in the family you would know that attacks and aggression against him just make the situation worse. Kindness is needed and better pray that the machinations of those who take advantage of the condition come to light.


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