Architectural News from Norcia

Some rather depressing news from Dr. Robert Moynihan, who, in his latest letter reports news from the Monks of Norcia / Monaci di Norcia:

"They told me that the archbishop of Spoleto, Renato Boccardo, age 64 -- who has jurisdiction over Norcia -- has decided that he will rebuild the Basilica of St. Benedict in a modern style of architecture. He will also take possession of the quarters where the monks had been living from the year 2000 until October 2016. He will use the quarters as a part-time episcopal residence.

"So the Benedictine monks of Father Cassian will not return to the center of Norcia, to the spot where St. Benedict and his twin sister St. Scholastica were born. That period of the monastery's life is over now, it seems. The monastery will now be built on the hillside above the city, about two miles outside of the city walls."


  1. The whole church has gone nuts. Out with the old and in with the new! Say the current church leaders! Away with beautiful architecture, saints, Mariology, tradition and pesky old dogma! We want new, NEW, NEWWWWW....
    Why? Because we are modernists, and modernists don't love anything as much as whatever was invented in the last 60 years. And don't cross me on that, or I'll consult my Pope Francis Insult Generator and call you a pickle-faced Christian, or something else just as appropriate.


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