More Foxes in the Vatican Henhouse

Fr James Martin SJ
A week or so ago Fr Dwight Longnecker posted this blog.

It's one of those posts that contains so much truth I felt it was well worth sharing here.

It's on stuff that makes me shake my head. It seems really obvious. But the powers that be seem completely blind to this reality, why? I can not say.

He's talking about the failure within the Church of England to maintain any integrity with respect to their promise to maintain a kind of two party settlement within the communion. I blogged about the ousting of the Anglican Bishop Philip North here a little while back. Fr Dwight sees this as a definitive moment for Anglicanism and the betrayal of that two party compromise. He is not alone in this observation as many others have noted. But he also sees that this is a frequently occurring modern malaise when we compromise truth in order to be 'inclusive'.

With the recent appointment of Fr James Martin SJ to the Vatican communications team, Fr Dwight smells the same kind of attempt to maintain "two integrities" within the Catholic Church. He points out that this cannot endure, for, as Archbishop Charles Chaput so eloquently states:
'Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.'
Fr Dwight explains:
this idea of “two integrities” is based on a relativist foundation of sand. Increasingly in Catholic church circles we find the idea that “you have your truth” and “I have my truth” and the important thing is that we not only tolerate one another, but listen and dialogue together.
This attempt to have “two integrities” and to “foster dialogue” is always promoted by the progressives because it springs from and reinforces their relativist philosophy.
Furthermore, as recent events in the Church of England have shown, once they have won the battle any talk of toleration and dialogue is out the window.
We should take this as a word of warning. Progressives are crybaby bullies. They have learned how to pout and play the victim. Once they have got sympathy they resort to name calling. Their enemies are “cruel” and “insensitive”, “harsh and legalistic”.
Then they call for dialogue which means, “I am going to lecture you, hector you, bully you and exhaust you with my endless arguments and threats until you give in.” All of this is done under the cover of “sincere language”. Progressives are never angry. They are “saddened”. They are never aggressive. They are “courageous”. They are never manipulative. They are “careful in how they express themselves.”
If you appease the progressives they win, and they will go on from that battle to the next one. Understand: they must always have a battle, for only when they have a battle can they see themselves as the righteous warriors they believe themselves to be. Their identity is linked with this. Without a war and without an enemy they are nothing. They must have the next battle lined up.
Be prepared.
This puts shivers up my spine to be honest because it is clear that what we need least presently is one more gay Jesuit heretic in the Vatican.

I am so familiar with this sort of direction. We sacrifice truth on the altar of progress and society and culture dies along with millions of unborn babies, sexual morality, integrity, honour, etc, etc.

With respect to the appointment of Fr Martin, I would not be nearly as gentle as Fr Dwight pointing out that this is a man who purports to be a priest yet appears to embrace practically any counter-Catholic idea being floated about in the ether. He is pro-gay, pro-transgender and pro just about every kind of heresy. He seems to deliberately troll Catholics on Twitter, posting things that just aren't true, like this for example, which can only serve to confuse. Some of the massive problems are explored in this post on Crisis and Martin was recently featured in this Church Militant video:

This is a man who is lauded by groups who are banned by the Church. That he has been afforded this position is a grave scandal to the dignity of the Church and the integrity of her teaching.

This is just further evidence of the serious problems infecting the Vatican under this pontificate. It has serious repercussions for all of us I fear. It is almost as if the Vatican were trying to undermine itself and what it has taught in the past. That can only leave faithful Catholics exposed even more than they already are in today's aggressively secular culture.

Given Martin's scandalous, outspoken and very public personae, how do we, faithful Catholics, see his appointment as anything other than an abandoning of Church teaching?

I'm starting to wonder who the Vatican will appoint next? New director of music perhaps?

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