Pope Francis praises pro-life cause: ‘There is no more important work’

The people I know who dedicate their lives to the pro-life cause are some of the most inspirational Catholics I know. Their faith is truly a source of light and hope for many. They believe and they put that belief into radical action fighting the culture of death which surrounds us today.

It was great, therefore, to hear the Holy Father, during the papal General Audience on April 12, Pope Francis met with members of Croatia’s 40 Days for Life campaign. Pope Francis told the group.
“You are doing the best possible work! Save as many lives as possible! I encourage you and bless you with every blessing. There is no more important work from this one, be persistent and pray, pray, pray!”
The Pope assured them of his support and asked for their prayers according to the account posted on Lifesite News here.

This takes on greater importance in the context of Ireland's moving closer to legalising abortion.

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