Müller is not happy!

But this is too little too late I'm afraid!

More insight into this disastrous papacy courtesy of the now ex-head of the CDF, has come to light in an interview with Bavarian daily Passauer Neue Presse.

Now he has been cast aside in favour of more malleable material, lets hope Cardinal Müller finds his voice! He clearly tried to walk a narrow line while in office, criticising the dubia cardinals while upholding an orthodox line on Amoris laetitia. His efforts at diplomacy appear to have got him the sack and relieved him of an important opportunity for the Church, to speak out as head of the CDF against Amoris Laetitia. Even if he does choose to speak out now, he will only be the ex-head of the CDF.

La Croix reports the Cardinal saying:
“On the very last day of my mandate as CDF prefect, the pope informed me within one minute of his decision not to prolong me. He did not give a reason – just as he gave no reason for dismissing three highly competent members of the CDF a few months earlier,”
“I cannot accept this way of doing things. As a bishop, one cannot treat people in this way,” he said in the interview, which was published on July 6th.
“I have said this before – the Church’s social teaching must also be applied to the way employees are treated here in the Vatican,” he added.
The article continues:
he also emphasized that it was the task of the pope and the bishops to adhere to the truth of the Gospels and to preserve church unity.
“And this is where I must stress with all due clarity that the attempts up to now by Cardinals Schönborn, Kasper and others to explain how the we can achieve a balancing act between dogma, that is church teaching, and pastoral practice (concerning communion for remarried divorcees), are simply not convincing,” Müller said."As prefect-emeritus of the CDF I will devote myself to promoting and defending the faith" Good!
 First Things the renowned Vaticanist, Marco Tossati notes how Cardinal Müller's dismissal...
...was made freely and executed the hard way, without delicacy. This behavior is not surprising for anybody who knows how Jorge Maria Bergoglio acted while provincial superior of the Jesuit Province of Argentina—he was dismissed from that position for being unduly authoritarian—and as archbishop of Buenos Aires.
He notes the animus which has long existed between the then Archbishop Bergoglio and Rome and suggests:
With Amoris Laetitia, the situation regressed dramatically. Müller, along with other cardinals, complained during the Curia’s spiritual retreat in 2016 that the pope had not employed “a collegial working method.” He said that his congregation had made at least two hundred observations concerning Amoris Laetitia, some grave, others light. These observations had received no answer at all. One of Müller’s hearers expressed astonishment that the prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith knew nothing of how the document had progressed. Müller answered jokingly: “On doctrinal issues, we are the only ones never taken into account. On liturgical issues, Cardinal Sarah is certainly never informed …”
I thought that Müller's was being stalked some time ago and considered then that dismissing him would be a clear sign to everyone that Pope Francis is very firmly pushing a particular agenda. An agenda which contradicts the Magisterium.

Personally, I find this direction incoherent to say the least. Such a style of governance can hardly be considered democratic, or centered on dialogue, or collegial. This makes Pope Francis a politician and a hypocrite to boot.

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