Cardinal Burke’s 10 Ways to Overcome Crisis of Confusion, Division in the Church

Edward Pentin reports in The National Catholic Register that Cardinal Raymond Burke has sought to explain the essence of the deep spiritual crisis facing the Church and the world in a wide-ranging and timely address. Most invaluably, he recognises the distress felt by many Catholics and offered pastoral suggestions and encouragement to the faithful on how to deal with it.

Stressing that Christ’s teachings do not change, he gave 10 ways to deal with the crisis:
  1. Study the Catechism more attentively and be prepared to defend the Church’s teaching;
  2. Recall the “many edifying signs” of fidelity to Christ among “many good and steadfast faithful, priests and bishops”;
  3. Have recourse to the Blessed Virgin Mary, imitate the oneness of her heart with Jesus;
  4. Invoke frequently, “throughout the day,” the intercession of St. Michael the Archangelas there is “definitely diabolical involvement in the ever spreading confusion, division and error within the Church”;
  5. Pray to St. Joseph daily to protect the Church from “confusion and division which are always the work of Satan”;
  6. Pray to the great pope saints who guided the Church in difficult times;
  7. Pray for the cardinals of the Church to give them “particular clarity and courage”;
  8. Be serene, knowing our confidence is in Christ, that the “gates of hell” will not prevail against the Church, and avoid a “worldly desperation” that is expressed in “aggressive and uncharitable ways.”
  9. Be ready to “accept ridicule, misunderstanding, persecution, exile and even death” to remain one with Christ in the Church, following the example of St. Athanasius and other great saints.
  10. Safeguard love for Pope Francis by praying fervently for him and seeking the intercession of St. Peter on his behalf. 
Cardinal Burke warned that schism is a “worldly way of thinking” that is “always and everywhere wrong.”

He concluded his talk by saying that although we may be in the end times, “it is not for us to worry” about this but rather “to remain faithful, generous and courageous” in serving Christ, knowing that his victory is already written.

Please do read the full article here.

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