Discarding the library


Another great take from Brian Holdsworth. In this video he asks some very important questions based on the vast wealth of knowledge available to Catholic Christians from the Magisterium: the teachings of the Church. The intellectual tradition, teaching & dogma of the Church is like a 2,000 year old library. No other institution has been thinking about thinking for as long as the Catholic Church. Why then, specifically with regard to the ridiculous "Synod on Synodality", would we seek to add detail before we understand the great wisdom we already hold?

Synods historically are called to address heresy and controversy. The Church does not speak unless there is a challenge, she doesn't when it is not necessary: she lets the library speak for itself and invites us to study it. A Church that seeks to be synodal for no reason appears to be ignoring the content that exists and instead adding contemporary content. 

What evidence is there that those seeking to add to the library are masters of the content that already exists? The modern Church seems to rebound from one crisis to the next, it is in demographic collapse and seems so consumed by its own affairs that it is incapable of executing its own fundamental mission of evangelisation. Catholics are abandoning the pew at an alarming rate, but we want to ignore the vast, beautiful library that has been given to us and instead add content which runs a serious risk of being at odds with what already exists and it, at best, banal.


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