Pope Francis: The Gaslighting Pope Attacking the Church

 This post follows on from the last one really, prompted by this:

When you have a Pope who ignores problems, promotes abusers, pushes problematic ideas which are at odds with the faith, AND THEN BLAMES TRADS FOR CAUSING DIVISION, you know you have serious, serious problems. 

These comments are utterly indefensible, especially in the context of a huge push from progressive commentators and outlets to say the pope promotes homosexuality:

In fact, if you read the Pope's comments, they are (for once) uncontroversial: a "nothing burger" and all the spin is what's making the noise, demonstrating once again that there are people who are perfectly prepared to manipulate the reality to suit their agenda. Both to portray the Catholic Church as somehow at odds with groups of people and to use the pope to further their particular agendas, regardless of how said agendas fit with the saving message of the Gospel.

The Pope's attack on Traditional Catholics is analysed by Robert Nugent in Ireland in this video:

This can be nothing but gaslighting from the pope who engages in all manner of divisive activity in his office: an office the function of which he seems to have no idea about. What creates division? Caring about the Church, putting your faith at the centre of your life and wanting to worship Jesus Christ in the most authentic and beautiful way you can, or this:

When you have Cardinals literally publicly claiming Church teaching is wrong and silence from the Chair of Saint Peter, I think it is perfectly reasonable to consider the Pope's constant attacks on Traditional Catholics constitute a complete misunderstanding of the reality of the Church. How can he throw around accusations of divisiveness at those who simply seek Catholicism?

Pope Francis is beyond parody. His narrative is one of pure ignorance, his supporters can only seek the promotion of their own agenda or perhaps promotion.

This papacy has become utterly risible and the rhetoric of the man at the top is nothing short of a joke.


  1. God disowns His children when they enter Hell.

  2. Bergoglio will enter Hell

  3. I don't disagree with what Mr. Nugent is saying. But we are so far beyond dialogue with this pope, if he is pope. We are just so far beyond that.
    He is an enemy of the faith. He despises faithful Catholics. He has made that clear from the minute he stepped out on the loggia. Don't feel badly, don't let it hurt your feelings, nothing this man says should do that.
    He hates God. He has made that clear as well. Have you seen the man kneel to Communists and kiss their shoes? Yes, to their embarrassment, you have. Have you seen him kneel to wash the feet of prisoners, muslims, and the homeless? Yes, you have.
    But have you seen him kneel to Our Lord in the Blessed Eucharist? No. You have not. And look at his expression when he must raise the Host, his expression could curdle milk. Pure hatred.
    We are way past dialogue, and should be way past hurt from anything he can say. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 10,492 times, I'm a dummy and can't face reality. Keep the Latin Rite, cling to it with everything you've got, don't support this infested church, support faithful priests with gift cards. Keep the faith, pray, live your Catholic life. But don't pay any heed to Francis the Destroyer or his minions.

  4. The first mistake everyone is making is calling him “Pope”.
    He is an anti anti-Pope.


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