The Synod on Synodality: Listening to Lunacy

The synodal Way increasingly appears to be about denying Catholic truth, you know, the truth that saves, the truth that built civilisation and culture - and "listening" to people in error - people pushing sinful positions.

Even non-Catholic Christians recognise the very first stage of conversion is purgative: it is recognition of our brokenness and that we need God's help to save us, the help He has given us in Jesus. This fundamental dimension is utterly absent from this whole dialogue.

I know a number of faithful Catholics who are prepared to put up with this because they believe that despite the broken people pushing agendas in the process, the Holy Spirit can still write straight with crooked implements.

These faithful people believe that engaging with this process is essential, because, without faithful voices, only one side will be presented.

I recently heard from a priest who told me he took the process seriously, spent three days with parishioners "discerning" together, and took the time and effort to write a full submission to the Diocesan team. Not one of the points he raised was mentioned in the synthesis document. He is, of course, faithful and orthodox. The diocesan synthesis is about synthesising out faithful Catholic voices who seek to follow Christ more closely.

The whole point of being a Christian is that Jesus gave us the truth. It is by following Him we are saved. It is by following Him we change the world.

The more I listen to all this guff, the less I hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ, The Kingdom, the saving power of the faith. It is drowned out in a desperate attempt to be liked by the world.

Meanwhile, Bishop Georg Bätzing, chairman of the German bishops’ conference expressed his disappointment with Pope Francis, insisting that “the teaching of the Catholic Church” must be “changed,” especially concerning homosexuality and the role of women.

Homosexuality comes up again and again and again, doesn't it?
Bätzing will leave the Church if it doesn't change to fit his own ideas. Literally non serviam.

It strikes me that this could only happen in an environment that downplays doctrine and revelation (objective truth) and emphasises "feelings", echoing what's going on in the secular world. This is what Pope Francis has done: undermining the unchangeable nature of truth revealed by God, pretending that revealed truth is subject to change, and trying to fool us all with this "listening" model, which, when you think about it, doesn't even make any sense.

Michael Matt breaks it down brilliantly in this video:


  1. I well remember the shenanigans surrounding the Liverpool Pastoral Congress back in 1982. It was hailed by many as 'the most important occasion in the E&W Catholic Church since the Reformation'. (!) I kid you not. No good came of it. It was an expensive gab-fest, an orgy of querulous and tiresome carping by an elite of 'professional' Catholics. Attendees were mostly the fore-runners of the blatherskites who'll be at next year's jamboree in Rome.
    Same old humbug, same old 'guff' - except this time far-reaching and much more insidious.
    Everyone got their life-jacket?

    1. The Liverpool National Pastoral Congress was held in 1980. It was consigned to the dustbin of forgotten history by the (much more memorable) visit to Great Britain by Pope St John Paull II which occurred in1982

    2. It is interesting you say that Patricius, isn't Pope Francis considering exactly the same points that the NPC did? I think this is why so many say Pope Francis is the last gasp of that generation of Churchmen & Cardinal Nichols is Worlock's dead hand still on the Church!


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